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Administrative Order 2 (2010)

Vacation Time Accrual and Furlough Substitution Policy Superseding Administrative Order Number 1 (2009)

This Order supersedes Administrative Order Number 1 (2009) and directs each of the agencies that are under the supervision of the Governor but have employees who are exempt from Personnel Rules 303.125 and 303.270, to conform their practices to be consistent with the following:

Vacation Carryover

In establishing vacation schedules, the agency shall consider both the employee's preference and the operating needs of the agency. In any event, upon request, vacation time must be scheduled so that it may be taken not later than 24 months after the expiration of the calendar year in which such vacation time was earned. If an employee does not request and take accrued vacation within such 24 month period, vacation earned during such calendar year shall be lost.

Additional Vacation Carryover for Years in Which a Non-Bargaining Unit Employee Participates in a Mandatory Furlough Program

In any calendar year in which an employee is subject to one or more non-bargaining unit furlough programs and completes full participation as verified by the employing agency in all such programs to which the employee was subject, vacation time that would have been lost will instead be permitted to accumulate for an additional 12 months.

Substitution of Vacation or Personal Time for Furlough Time

Employees subject to a non-bargaining unit furlough program may substitute accrued vacation time or accrued personal time for furlough time in order to remain in paid status. Utilization of accrued vacation time or accrued personal time for furlough must be in one-half day or full day increments and must be in accordance with furlough program requirements.

This Order applies only to employees who are otherwise exempt from Personnel Rules 303.125 and 303.270, which address personal time and vacation accrual and carryover for employees subject to the jurisdiction of the Personnel Rules, 80 Ill.Admin.Code 303.125; 80 Ill.Admin.Code 303.270.

This Order shall be effective immediately.

David H. Vaught

Director, Governor's Office of Management and Budget