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Administrative Order 3 (2003)


March 5, 2003

In recognition of the disparate practices of the various agencies in regard to the accrual of vacation time for employees who are exempt from the provisions of the Personnel Rules, this Order directs each of the agencies under the supervision of the Governor to conform their practices to be consistent with the following:

Employees are encouraged to use vacation time in the calendar year in which it is earned. No more than five vacation days may be carried over to the subsequent calendar year. All vacation days that are carried over to the subsequent calendar year shall expire by December 31st of that year. There shall be no exceptions to this policy.

This Order applies only to employees who are otherwise exempt from Personnel Rules 303.250 and 303.270, which provide that employees subject to the jurisdiction of the Personnel Rules cannot accumulate vacation time beyond a period of 24 months from the end of the calendar year in which it was earned. 80 Ill. Admin. Code 303.250; 80 Ill. Admin. Code 303.270.

This Order shall apply to all vacation time earned by affected employees after the date of this Ord