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Executive Order Number 09-09

April 03, 2009

Executive Order Number 09-09 (PDF, 90 KB)

State Of Illinois Executive Department - Springfield, Illinois 

Executive Order Rescinding Executive Order Number 3 (2008)

WHEREAS, the Illinois General Assembly passed HB 824 on May 31, 2008 and sent this bill to the former Governor for his signature on June 30, 2008; and

WHEREAS, HB 824 amended the Illinois Election Code to provide new requirements for business entities (and affiliated entities and persons) receiving or bidding for certain State contracts to register with the State Board of Elections and amended the Illinois Procurement Code to include limitations on the campaign contributions of such business (and affiliated entities and persons) to State officeholders responsible for awarding these contracts; and

WHEREAS, on August 25, 2008, the former Governor issued Executive Order Number 3 (2008), which addressed certain of the same subjects as HB 824, and then issued an amendatory veto of HB 824 one day later; and

WHEREAS, the General Assembly overrode this amendatory veto on September 22, 2008, thereby enacting HB 824 into law as Public Act 095-0971; and

WHEREAS, Public Act 095-0971 and Executive Order Number 3 each had an effective date of January 1, 2009; and

WHEREAS, since January 1, 2009, there has been uncertainty and confusion regarding the scope of Executive Order Number 3 and its relationship to Public Act 095-0971; and

WHEREAS, the Illinois Reform Commission has proposed a number of legislative changes addressing the subjects of campaign finance and procurement reform and is planning further initiatives; and

WHEREAS, the General Assembly’s Joint Committee on Government Reform is similarly considering campaign finance and procurement reforms; and

WHEREAS, in light of these pending reform initiatives, the context in which Executive Order Number 3 was issued, and the uncertainty of its scope, it would be appropriate to rescind Executive Order Number 3 (2008):

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Pat Quinn, as Governor of the State of Illinois, do hereby order that Executive Order Number 3 (2008) be revoked and rescinded, effective as of this date of issuance.

Pat Quinn, Governor

Issued by Governor: April 3, 2009

Filed with Secretary of State: April 3, 2009