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Executive Order Number 19-5

January 22, 2019

Executive Order Number 05-19




WHEREAS, the Office of the Governor is committed to ensuring that Illinois is the most progressive state in the nation for protecting women's reproductive rights; and

WHEREAS,  as part of this commitment, all women should have access to reproductive health care in Illinois regardless of their employer; and

WHEREAS,  a woman's health care coverage should not be denied because of how much money she makes or where she lives; and

WHEREAS,  when women are denied coverage for safe and legal abortions, the burden falls hardest on low-income women, women of color, and young women; and

WHEREAS, a woman's decision to choose abortion is one she makes with her family, her doctor, and according to her faith; and

WHEREAS,   historically, state employees and their dependents were denied coverage for reproductive health care that is commonly available to those who get their insurance in the private sector, including denials of coverage for medically necessary abortions or those required because of lethal fetal anomalies; and

WHEREAS,  Public Act 100-0538 removed a long-standing prohibition against coverage for abortion in most instances and replaced it with the intent to allow abortion to be covered to the same extent as other basic health care; and

THEREFORE,  I, JB Pritzker, Governor of Illinois, by virtue of the executive authority vested in me by Article V of the Constitution of the State of Illinois, hereby order as follows:

     I. Review State Employee Group Insurance Plans for Compliance with the Intent of Public Act 100-0538

The Department of Central Management Services ("Department") shall, within 60 days of the effective date of this Executive Order, review the coverage provided in all current State employee health benefits plans and submit a report to the Office of the Governor detailing the coverage for abortion in each plan, specifically identifying where coverage is restrictive under each plan in opposition to the intent of Public Act l 00-0538, and the number of current enrollees in each plan.

     II. Take Action to Enforce the Intent of Public Act 100-0538

The Department also shall, within 60 days of the Effective Date of this Executive Order, submit a plan to the Office of the Governor to ensure that by July I, 2019, all State employee health benefits plans provide the coverage necessary to be in compliance with the intent of Public Act 100-0538.

     III. Savings Clause

Nothing in this Executive Order shall be construed to contravene any federal or State law or regulation. Nothing in this Executive Order shall affect or alter the existing statutory powers of any State agency or be construed as a reassignment or reorganization of any State agency.

     IV. Prior Executive Orders

This Executive Order supersedes any contrary provision of any other prior Executive Order.

     V. Severability Clauses

If any part of this Executive Order is found to be invalid by a court of competent jurisdiction, the remaining provisions shall remain in full force and effect. The provisions of this Executive Order are severable.

     VI. Effective Date

This Executive Order shall take effect immediately upon its filing with the Secretary of State.



JB Pritzker, Governor

Issued by Governor: January 22, 2019
Filed with Secretary of State:____