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Executive Order Number 15-5

January 12, 2015

Executive Order Number 15-05 (PDF, 107 KB)

State Of Illinois Executive Department - Springfield, Illinois 


WHEREAS, the confidence of the people of Illinois in the integrity of their State government is of paramount importance; and

WHEREAS, transparency promotes public confidence in the integrity of State government; and

WHEREAS, Article XIII, Section 2 of the Illinois Constitution of 1970 expressly provides that “all holders of State offices … created by this constitution shall file a verified statement of their economic interests, as provided by law” and that this requirement “shall not be construed as limiting the authority of any branch of government to establish and enforce ethical standards for that branch”; and

WHEREAS, the Supreme Court of Illinois upheld an executive order of the Governor requiring certain executive branch appointees and employees to file a statement of income that comprising: “(1) each source of income, (2) the total amount of each source, (3) the nature of the transactions involving the source” and further requiring that “to provide the [aforementioned] information, pertinent portions of federal or state income tax returns shall be made part of the Statement of Economic Interest.” 57 Ill.2d 512 (1974); and

THEREFORE, I, Pat Quinn, Governor of Illinois, by virtue of the executive authority vested in me as Governor by Article V and Article XIII, Section 2 of the Illinois constitution of 1970, do hereby order as follows:


    Each year, the Governor shall file with the Office of the Secretary of State and thereby make available for public inspection his individual income tax returns on or before May 1, which is the deadline specified by law for the filing of the Governor’s annual Statement of Economic Interest.

    For purposes of this Executive Order “individual income tax returns” includes the Governor’s most recent individual income tax returns filed with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and with the Illinois Department of Revenue (IDOR), and all supporting documents, forms, schedules, and other addenda or accompanying materials submitted to the IRS or IDOR in connection with the income tax returns.


    This Executive Order shall take effect immediately upon its filing with the Secretary of State and shall remain in effect until terminated or modified.

Pat Quinn
Governor of Illinois

Issued by the Governor:
Filed with the Secretary of State: