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Executive Order Number 03-02

January 14, 2003

Executive Order Number 03-02 (PDF, 97 KB)

State Of Illinois Executive Department - Springfield, Illinois 
NUMBER 2 (2003)


WHEREAS, the State of Illinois is firmly committed to preserving the State’s economic resources and regularly examining the State’s assets and expenditures;

WHEREAS, the necessity for such fiscal responsibility is particularly acute at this time given the State’s current budget deficit;

WHEREAS, the State expends significant resources acquiring, maintaining and operating a motor vehicle inventory of more than 13,000 State-owned motor vehicles;

WHEREAS, present circumstances warrant an examination of whether the State might currently own a surplus of motor vehicles and whether the State might utilize its motor vehicle fleet more cost effectively; and

WHEREAS, each agency is in a position to review and report the status of State-owned motor vehicles, as well each agency’s current need for those motor vehicles, and the Department of Central Management Services is in a position to assist the State by reviewing and making recommendations regarding the State’s motor vehicle fleet.

THEREFORE, I, Rod R. Blagojevich, Governor of Illinois, do hereby order the following immediate motor vehicle acquisition freeze and the following comprehensive review by each agency, department, bureau, office, board and commission under my jurisdiction, direction or control (which agencies, departments, bureaus, offices, boards and commissions are hereinafter individually referred to as an “agency,” and collectively referred to as “agencies”):


    Effective immediately and continuing until such time as this Executive Order is revoked or superseded, each agency shall: (i) refrain from placing any order for, or entering into any agreement for, the purchase, lease or other acquisition of, any motor vehicle; and (ii) prior to the close of business on January 31, 2003, (a) identify each motor vehicle ordered by or for such agency that has not yet been delivered to such agency, which order might be canceled without the imposition of any penalty or other cost to the State, and (b) cancel each such cancelable motor vehicle order if it is in the best financial interests of the State to do so (it being understood that notice of any decision to not cancel such motor vehicle order shall be provided to the Governor's Office for my approval prior to such decision being finalized). The provisions of this Paragraph 1 shall apply to automobiles, cars, vans, mini-vans, limousines, sport utility vehicles, light trucks (including pick-up trucks) and any other motor vehicles designed primarily to transport people (each of the foregoing are hereinafter individually referred to in this Executive Order as a “motor vehicle,” and collectively referred to as “motor vehicles”), but shall not apply to any state police patrol car, ambulance, fire fighting, other emergency services vehicle, road clearing or road maintenance vehicle which in each case is necessary to assure the health, safety, defense and well-being of Illinois residents and visitors. There will be no exceptions to this Executive Order without any express written permission of my office after submission of appropriate requests to my office.


    Each agency shall, within sixty (60) days after the effective date of this Executive Order, prepare and deliver to the Governor's Office, a thorough and comprehensive review of each motor vehicle utilized by such agency (including any official or employee thereof), and a report containing: (i) an inventory of each such motor vehicle, including its make, model and year; (ii) an examination of the need for each such motor vehicle; (iii) an identification of each motor vehicle that has been assigned by or to that agency, including the job title and classification of the position to whom such motor vehicle has been assigned and the purported reasons that a motor vehicle is necessary to be provided to a person holding a position with such job title and classification; (iv) an identification of the current location and use of each motor vehicle assigned or previously assigned to any official or employee of such agency who retired or otherwise withdrew from such agency during the one year period prior to the effective date of this Executive Order; (v) a proposal by such agency to reduce the number of motor vehicles utilized by it; and (vi) any other proposals by said agency to reduce the costs to the State of acquiring, maintaining and operating motor vehicles utilized by said agency.


    The Director of the Department of Central Management Services (for purposes of this Paragraph, the “Director”) shall, within 30 days after completion of the review contemplated by Paragraph 2 of this Executive Order, prepare and deliver to the Governor's Office, a thorough and comprehensive motor vehicle fleet management study, which shall include: (i) an analysis of the agency reports described in Paragraph 2 above; (ii) an analysis comparing the cost of motor vehicle leasing versus motor vehicle ownership and other potential means of reducing the costs to acquire, maintain and operate State motor vehicles; (iii) a proposal of guidelines or other recommendations for immediately determining an appropriate number and assignment of motor vehicles in the agencies; (iv) a proposal or other recommendation for disposing of motor vehicles, which the Director believes warrant disposal, and for maximizing the prices paid to the State for motor vehicles being sold or otherwise disposed of by the State; (v) a proposal or other recommendation of means by which agencies can reduce the number of State motor vehicles (such as increased use of video or teleconferencing) and by which such agencies can work to increase the fuel efficiency of agency motor vehicles; (vi) a proposal or other recommendation regarding uniform license plate identification (e.g., license plates starting with the letter “U” or other means of ready identification of State owned motor vehicles (other than law enforcement or other motor vehicles for which such identification would be inappropriate); (vii) a proposal or other recommendation for the implementation of means to research and promote the cost effective use of alternative fuels in State owned motor vehicles; including particularly those utilizing Illinois agricultural products; and (viii) a proposal or other recommendation as to how, on an on-going basis, to reduce the size of the State’s motor vehicle fleet, to implement cost-effective motor vehicle acquisition and disposition practices and to effect other on-going cost savings relating to the State’s motor vehicle fleet.


    This Executive Order shall be in full force and effect upon its filing with the Secretary of State.

Rod R. Blagojevich, Governor
Issued by Governor: January 14, 2003
Filed with Secretary of State: __________, 2003