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Executive Order Number 16


July 30, 2021

WHEREAS, I, Governor JB Pritzker, am committed to creating equitable systems and policies to redress unjust and inequitable social conditions by advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout State agencies and in public policy; and,

WHEREAS, the State of Illinois’ strength derives from the diversity of its population and from its commitment to fair treatment and equitable services for all residents; and,

WHEREAS, inequality has a ripple effect on entire communities, particularly those that have been disproportionately impacted by structural, social, and institutional inequities and injustices; and,

WHEREAS, the State of Illinois seeks to promote fairness and equality and to combat unlawful discrimination and harassment in the workplace and for all residents; and,

WHEREAS, pursuant to Executive Order 2018-02, the position of Chief Diversity Officer was established within the Governor’s Chief Compliance Office; and,

WHEREAS, it is vitally important that the State of Illinois ensure that the agencies of State government and its workforce serve all Illinois residents in public services, programs, and activities in an equitable, inclusive, and culturally competent manner;

THEREFORE, I, JB Pritzker, Governor of Illinois, by virtue of the executive authority vested in me by Article V of the Constitution of the State of Illinois, hereby order as follows:

Section 1. For purposes of this Executive Order, the following terms are defined as set forth below:

a.       “State agency” means any office, department, agency, board, commission, or authority of the Executive Branch of the State of Illinois under the jurisdiction of the Governor.

b.      “State employees” means all officers, employees (including without limitation full-time, part-time, and contractual employees), appointees (including without limitation paid and unpaid appointees), and persons holding similar positions in any State Agency.

Section 2. The Office of Equity is hereby created within the Office of the Governor. The Governor shall hire a Chief Equity Officer to lead the Office of Equity.

Section 3. The Chief Equity Officer shall lead the State’s efforts to ensure that the State of Illinois is a leader in equity and inclusion with the goals of eliminating institutional and systemic barriers for the people of Illinois and creating opportunity and access for all of those it serves and employs. The Chief Equity Officer shall:

a.       Serve as the leader on diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives, legislation, and policy for the State of Illinois.

b.      Identify and redress barriers to equity in the State.

c.       Support equity-oriented efforts throughout the State to ensure services and resources are available and accessible to all in Illinois.

d.      Create a sustainable infrastructure and equity-oriented systems, policies, and procedures that operationalize diversity, equity, inclusion within State agencies.

e.       Compile and make publicly available diversity, equity, and inclusion resources to State employees and residents.

f.        Coordinate diversity, equity, and inclusion trainings reflecting best practices.

g.      Develop Statewide diversity, equity, and inclusion benchmarks and measures of progress.

h.      Collaborate with the Chief Compliance Office to take steps to prevent harassment, discrimination, and retaliation throughout State government.

i.        Perform other duties as determined to be necessary to effectuate the goals set forth in this Executive Order.

Section 4. All State employees shall participate in annual trainings focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion as directed by the Chief Equity Officer.

Section 5. In light of the establishment of a standalone Office of Equity, Executive Order 2018-02, Section III’s establishment of the position of Chief Diversity Officer within the Chief Compliance Office is rescinded.

Section 6. This Executive Order supersedes any contrary provision of any other prior Executive Order.

Section 7. If any provision of this Executive Order or its application to any person or circumstance is held invalid by any court of competent jurisdiction, this invalidity does not affect any other provision or application of this Executive Order, which can be given effect without the invalid provision or application. To achieve this purpose, the provisions of this Executive Order are declared to be severable.         

Section 8. This Executive Order shall take effect immediately upon its filing with the Secretary of State.


JB Pritzker, Governor 
Issued by the Governor July 30, 2021
Filed by the Secretary of State July 30, 2021