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Executive Order 2022-02


January 10, 2022

WHEREAS, the timely exchange of critical information among local, state, federal agencies and private partners remains one of the most serious challenges affecting homeland security; and,

WHEREAS, cyber threats pose personal, professional, and financial risks to the citizens of Illinois and threaten the security and economy of the state; and,

WHEREAS, critical infrastructure and key resource sectors rely heavily on information technology to manage complex systems including public utility lifelines, healthcare, telecommunications, transportation, financial services, manufacturing, education, research and public safely; and,

WHEREAS, the protection of critical infrastructure and key resources is beyond the reach of any single entity and requires a proactive approach; and,

WHEREAS, the diverse authorities, roles and responsibilities of critical infrastructure and key resources stakeholders require a collaborative public-private partnership that encourages a unity of effort; and,

WHEREAS, in the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004, the President and the Congress of the United States directed that an Information Sharing Environment be established within the federal government, and between federal, state, local, and private-sector entities, to allow for the seamless exchange of homeland security information, terrorism information, and law enforcement information related to terrorism; and,

WHEREAS, on November 16, 2006, the President of the United States, through the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, submitted to the Congress an implementation plan for creating an Information Sharing Environment, which in part calls for the establishment of an integrated network of state and major urban area fusion centers; and,

WHEREAS, the Illinois Department of Military Affairs, sponsored by the Department of Homeland Security and supported by the National Guard Bureau, may operate as a mechanism for which State stakeholders can advance their partnerships, facilitate coordinated information sharing and enable planning and preparedness for interdependent infrastructure protection whose efforts would be integrated into the overarching federal homeland security response strategy; and,

WHEREAS, it is the policy of the State of Illinois to prepare for and, if possible, prevent disasters including but not limited to those arising from technological causes, in order to preserve the lives and property of the people of the State of Illinois; and,

WHEREAS, in order to protect the security and economy of the State; it is appropriate and necessary for state government to establish a joint effort involving government, private-sector, military, research and academic stakeholders to enhance Illinois cybersecurity;

THEREFORE, I, JB Pritzker, Governor of Illinois, by virtue of the executive authority vested in me by Article V of the Constitution of the State of Illinois, hereby order as follows:

  1. The Establishment of the Illinois Joint Analysis Center
    An Illinois Joint Analysis Center (IL-JAC) is established within the Department of Military Affairs. The IL-JAC shall be constituted and operated as provided by state and federal law. Under the authority granted by the Federal government in 32 CFR Subpart A, the IL-JAC shall be housed within a sensitive compartmentalized information facility (SCIF), thereby allowing the IL-JAC to access classified threat information pertaining to the State of Illinois and to obtain the best information available to predict, prevent, and respond to threats facing its citizens.

    1. The Mission of the Illinois Joint Analysis Center
      The mission of the Illinois Joint Analysis Center is to protect the people and property of Illinois by providing a multi-disciplinary, information sharing network designed to gather, analyze, and disseminate cyber analysis and information to public and private stakeholders in a timely manner and consistent with the privacy rights of our citizens.
    2. Administration of the Illinois Joint Analysis Center by the Department of Military Affairs
      The Adjutant General, as Head of the Department of Military Affairs and assisted by its staff, will oversee the functioning of the IL-JAC. Funds appropriated to the Department of Military Affairs for general purposes may be used for the operations of the IL-JAC. The Adjutant General will, from time to time, consult the State of Illinois Homeland Security Advisor and the Director of the Illinois State Police on matters of common interest to the functions and operations of the IL-JAC. All agencies under the jurisdiction of the Governor will provide reasonable assistance to the IL-JAC, if requested.
  2. Savings Clause
    Nothing in this Executive Order shall be construed to contravene any federal or State law or regulation. Nothing in this Executive Order shall affect or alter the existing statutory powers of any State agency or be construed as a reassignment or reorganization of any State agency.
  3. Prior Executive Orders
    This Executive Order supersedes any contrary provision of any other prior Executive Order.  Executive Order 2020-49 is rescinded.
  4. Severability Clause
    If any part of this Executive Order is found to be invalid by a court of competent jurisdiction, the remaining provisions shall remain in full force and effect. The provisions of this Executive Order are severable.
  5. Effective Date
    This Executive Order shall take effect immediately upon its filing with the Secretary of State.


                                                                                                JB Pritzker, Governor

Issued by the Governor January 10, 2022
Filed by the Secretary of State January 10, 2022