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Illinois Gaming Board Announces Request for Proposal to Manage Video Gaming Central Communication System (CCS) and other Regulatory Actions at June Meeting

Press Release - Thursday, June 06, 2024

CHICAGO—Today, the Illinois Gaming Board (IGB) announced a Request for Proposal (RFP) to manage the Video Gaming Terminal Central Communication System, approved several proposed rules, and considered regulatory matters during its regularly scheduled meeting.

IGB Administrator Marcus D. Fruchter explained that the 2009 Video Gaming Act authorized the placement of Video Gaming Terminals - or VGTs - in licensed retail establishments, truck stops, bars, restaurants and veteran and fraternal establishments and required that all operating VGTs be connected through a Central Communications System called the CCS.

The CCS monitors VGT operations and records accounting data for the IGB's regulatory oversight and gaming tax collection mandates. With over 48,000 VGTs presently operating in more than 8,400 licensed establishments across the state, Illinois is home to by far the largest video gaming network of its kind in the world.

"As I have addressed at prior meetings, the original 10-year CCS contract expired and the IGB has maintained the CCS -and thereby preserved the viability and operations of our video gaming network - through a bridge contract while work was underway to develop new requirements and solicitation for the next CCS that will meet the growing needs of the State and our video gaming industry," said Administrator Fruchter. "The CCS is administered by a CCS vendor selected in strict compliance with Illinois procurement law."

IGB and the State Procurement Office published the IGB's Request for Proposal for a new CCS on the State of Illinois's procurement e-bulletin portal - State of Illinois - General Services - Bid Solicitation. Submissions for this proposal are due by August 5, 2024.

In addition, the Board approved a number of new rules to further modernize and streamline IGB processes to reflect changes in gaming over the past decade which include:

• Creating a No Action Letter process to allow Board staff to express its views on the interpretation of gaming laws and rules in response to licensee requests in certain situations.

• Revising the definition of "Video Gaming Terminal" in Video Gaming Rule 1800.110 to facilitate technology enhancements such as Ticket In -Ticket Out functionality, also referred to as TITO.

• Amending the rule governing casino chip specifications to allow for broader discretion in granting chip requests, allowing the Administrator to grant higher value chips.

At the meeting, the Board also renewed the licenses of seven casino sportsbooks and took many other regulatory actions including the following:

For video gaming, the IGB approved licenses for:
o One terminal operator
o 82 video gaming locations
o 27 terminal handlers

The IGB denied video gaming licenses for:
o Four video gaming location applicants

Additionally, in video gaming, the IGB:
o Rescinded two location applicant denials and renewed their licenses
o Ordered one Terminal Operator to economically disassociate from an applicant

For casinos, the IGB approved:
o One casino Key Person applicant
o Four Level 1 licensees
o 100 Level 2 casino occupational licenses
o 136 Level 3 casino occupational licenses

For sports wagering, the IGB approved:
o Seven Master Sports Wagering license renewals
o 105 Level 2 sports wagering occupational licenses
o One Level 3 sports wagering occupational license

Additionally, the IGB:
o Denied three level 2 applicants
o Issued two final Board Orders

The IGB will conduct its next scheduled regular meeting on July 25, 2024. To view agendas, minutes, meetings and other information, visit the Illinois Gaming Board's website.

Illinois is home to 15 casinos, 14 approved sportsbooks, 13 which are operating, and a network of more than 8,500 licensed video gaming establishments.

Anyone who believes they or a loved one has a gambling problem should visit the IGB website for information about the Self-Exclusion Program and Are You Really Winning - Illinois Helpline ( for information about the Illinois Department of Human Services Division of Substance Use Prevention and Recovery Program. Problem gambling counseling and referral services can be accessed by calling 800-GAMBLER (800-426-2537) or by texting GAMB to 833234.

Press Releases

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