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Pothole repair operations taking place across Illinois

Press Release - Friday, January 26, 2024

SPRINGFIELD - The Illinois Department of Transportation is advising the public that maintenance crews are out patrolling and repairing potholes on state highways and interstates across the state, requiring drivers to slow down, use caution and move over for workers. Non-emergency patching operations usually take place during nonpeak travel periods and often require temporary lane closures.


"Potholes unfortunately can be anticipated to form as a result of the weather patterns at this time of year," said Illinois Transportation Secretary Omer Osman. "We will be doing our best to make repairs as they develop, but we ask for your cooperation as well to ensure everyone's safety. Pothole patching operations are work zones. Please be on alert for the orange IDOT trucks, reducing your speed and moving over so they have room to work."


Recent heavy snow, rains and freezing temperatures have caused an increase in potholes throughout the state. Potholes typically are caused by water getting into or underneath the pavement. During freeze and thaw periods, the moisture causes the asphalt or concrete to shift, buckle or break. When vehicles drive over these weakened areas, they leave those dreaded potholes.


Motorists can expect brief lane closures as required and should allow extra time for trips through areas where patching is taking place. At all times, drivers are urged to pay close attention for flaggers and signs, obey the posted speed limits and be on the alert for workers and equipment. If you encounter maintenance vehicles and workers, slow down, move over and give them space - it's the law.


IDOT is committed to patching potholes as quickly as possible. It's a continuing operation -anytime IDOT maintenance staff are not plowing snow or treating roads at this time of year, they can be found monitoring pavement conditions and repairing potholes.


To report a pothole on a state highway or interstate, call 1-800-452-IDOT(4368).


To view a short video on how potholes form, click here or visit IDOT's YouTube channel. For regular updates on statewide road conditions, visit You also can follow IDOT on Facebook and Twitter (X).

Press Releases

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