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Illinois EPA Invests Over $66 Million in Drinking Water and Wastewater Projects in First Half of FY24

Press Release - Thursday, January 25, 2024

$4.6 Million in Loan Forgiveness Granted to Loan Recipients

SPRINGFIELD -Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (Illinois EPA) Director John J. Kim announced the investment of more than $66 million through water infrastructure loans to local governments and water districts for the first half of Fiscal Year 2024 (July - December 2023). The Illinois EPA State Revolving Fund (SRF) Program provides low-interest loans which fund wastewater, stormwater, and drinking water projects. Of that investment, more than $4.6 million in loan forgiveness was provided to those recipients meeting the loan rules for either the Small Community Rate or Hardship Rate.

"Through our State Revolving Fund, Illinois EPA works in partnership with our communities to provide crucial funding to help ensure clean water and a healthier environment," said Director Kim. "These programs enable communities in Illinois to take significant steps to update or replace outdated and failing water infrastructure."

Illinois EPA's SRF includes two loan programs, the Water Pollution Control Loan Program which funds both wastewater and stormwater projects, and the Public Water Supply Loan Program for drinking water projects. Both programs provide funding at a low interest rate of just 1.81 percent for State FY24. These SRF programs receive federal capitalization funding annually, which is combined with state matching funds, interest earnings, repayment money, and periodic bond sale proceeds, to form the source of financing for these infrastructure projects. The state matching funds for State FY2020-2024 are being provided through Governor Pritzker's bipartisan Rebuild Illinois Capital Plan thus increasing the funding capacity of both loan programs.

A complete list of FY24 first and second quarter loan recipients is attached. For more information about Illinois EPA's SRF, visit

July - December 2023 Loans (FY24-Q1 & Q2)





Principal Forgiveness

Bond and Madison

Village of Pierron

The Village will rehabilitate the interior and exterior of two water storage tanks with new coatings. The project will help extend the useful life of both water storage tanks.




Village of Kincaid

This is the first phase of a three-phase project. The Village will use this funding to install Variable Frequency Drives for the pump stations located at the Sewer Treatment Plant (STP) on Garden Street. The STP improvements will include lighting upgrades and installation of an aeration system for the STP Primary Lagoon. Several locations of sanitary sewer will be smoke tested and videoed to determine whether cured in place pipe lining or replacement of the sewers will be the best for upgrades to the sewer collection system.  Several manholes will also be rehabilitated.




Metropolitan Water Reclamation District

The District will utilize the funding for phosphorus removal modifications to Battery D and its tanks. An enhanced biological phosphorus removal system will also be installed, along with the necessary electrical, piping, and related appurtenances. This project will help the district meet the phosphorus removal requirements set forth in their upcoming National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit renewal.




Metropolitan Water Reclamation District

The District will replace three existing steam boilers with co-fire digester and natural gas boilers. The project also includes replacement of a deaerator, installation of new motor control centers, and all piping, electrical, and appurtenances that are necessary. This project will help the District continue to produce effluent within the limit requirements set forth in their NPDES permit.




Village of Oquawka

The Village is improving their water system with a multi-phase water project.  In this phase, the Village will replace water service lines, water meters, and meter pits and all appurtenances. A majority of water meters currently in place within the Village are not working properly, resulting in un-accounted water loss. The new meters will aid in determining un-accountable water loss and provide for accurate recordings of customer use.




City of Mount Vernon

The City will construct a 500,000 gallon elevated water storage tank. The project will also include construction of watermain and the demolition of the existing L & N Tank and all related appurtenances to make the project complete and operational.





City of Mount Vernon

The City will install over 23,000 linear feet of water main ranging from 4-in diameter to 12-in diameter. The project will also include all related appurtenances to make the project complete and operational.




Village of Pingree Grove

The Village will construct a new wastewater treatment plant to double the existing flow from 1 million gallons per day (MGD) to 2 MGD, while improving the treated effluent quality to meet phosphorous limits. The project includes abandoning the existing preliminary treatment building and demolishing the existing chemical feed building. The plant expansion is designed to serve the expected growth of Pingree Grove over the next 20 years.




South Lawrence Water Corporation

The Corporation will install two new pumps for booster pump station (BPS) #2, a new BPS to provide interconnect with Bridgeport, new BPS #1 with two pumps, piping, and valves, and installation of watermain and appurtenances. These improvements will allow South Lawrence Water Corporation to improve their distribution system infrastructure while continuing to provide customers with an adequate supply of drinking water.




Village of Marine

The Village will line sanitary sewers with cured-in-place pipe, and conduct sanitary sewer and lateral point repairs, manhole lining, and other appurtenances. The proposed improvements will allow the Village to improve their collection system infrastructure while continuing to provide customers with adequate collection of sewer flows.




City of Monmouth

The City will construct a UV disinfection system, launder covers for the secondary clarifiers, and appurtenances. The proposed improvements will allow the City to improve their treatment plant while continuing to provide customers with adequate treatment of sewer flows.




Village of Irvington

The Village will sandblast and repaint the interior and exterior of the 100,000-gallon water storage tank. The Village will also integrate safety improvements:  installing a safety grate over the top of the riser, installing a ladder safety device, and replacing the existing riser manway hatch. This water storage tank was constructed in 1966 and coated with lead/chromium paint. In recent years, the paint has been chipping off, exposing the lead/chromium paint. The Village will repaint the tank with acrylic paint.








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