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Gaming Board Agent Receives Illinois Medal of Honor for Heroic Efforts

Press Release - Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Off-Duty Agent Rescued Elderly Couple from Burning Vehicle

An Illinois Gaming Board (IGB) special agent was honored today with a Medal of Honor for his heroic efforts to save an elderly couple trapped in a burning car which then exploded. Governor JB Pritzker attended the award ceremony in Springfield where IGB Senior Special Agent Bryan E. Hileman and other law enforcement officers were recognized for their courageous efforts.

"Without regard to his personal safety, Special Agent Hileman's swift actions saved the lives of an elderly couple," said IGB Administrator Marcus D. Fruchter. "Agent Hileman acted in a selfless and courageous manner. We applaud and salute his valor as well as that of the other award recipients."

IGB Senior Special Agent Hileman was presented with the Illinois Law Enforcement Medal of Honor for "exceptional bravery or heroism while performing his duties as a law enforcement officer." Hileman, the first IGB agent to ever receive the distinguished award, was one of 136 law enforcement officers chosen for displaying exemplary police work. Administrator Fruchter nominated Agent Hileman for the award.

On February 19, 2020, Senior Special Agent Hileman was off duty when the electricity at his house went out. Agent Hileman went outside and discovered that a vehicle had struck a utility pole. He discovered an elderly woman who was unable to get out of the car. Agent Hileman helped her out of the vehicle and after learning that her husband was also trapped, he ran back to pull the unconscious man out from behind the wheel. Agent Hileman brought the man to safety just as the vehicle burst into flames.

Senior Special Agent Hileman, who is recently retired, joined with Administrator Fruchter and Illinois State Police Statewide Gaming Commander/IGB Deputy Administrator Sean Brannon for the award ceremony at the West Side Christian Church, 2850 Cider Mill Lane in Springfield.

The IGB serves as the state regulatory and law enforcement agency responsible for overseeing all licensed casino gambling, video gaming and sports wagering to ensure the integrity and safety of Illinois gaming while generating revenue for the state and gaming host communities.

Press Releases

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