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ICC Approves Safety Upgrades for St Clair County Highway-Rail Crossing Projects

Press Release - Thursday, June 01, 2023

Springfield, IL - The Illinois Commerce Commission approved two public safety projects for highway-rail crossings in St. Clair County. The agreement requires Illinois Central Railroad Company to install new automatic warning devices at two Old Freeburg Road highway-rail grade crossings (AAR/DOT #296077F, railroad milepost 19.90-G) and (AAR/DOT #296070H, railroad milepost 16.20-G)

The estimated cost to design and install the new warning devices at the crossings is $1,038,494. The Grade Crossing Protection Fund (GCPF) will be used to pay 95 percent of the costs, not to exceed $986,569, and Illinois Central Railroad Company will pay all remaining design and installation costs, as well as all future costs to operating and maintenance costs for the new warning devices.

"Investments like the ones on Old Freeburg Road highlight how the Grade Crossing Protection Fund is being used to improve rail safety all over the state. These automatic warning signals will be crucial for keeping pedestrians, motorists, and passengers safe near railroad tracks," said ICC Commissioner Michael T. Carrigan.

All work is expected to be completed within 18 months of the Order date.

To read Stipulated Agreement 2234 in Docket No. T23-0047 click here.

ABOUT THE STATE OF ILLINOIS GRADE CROSSING PROTECTION FUND (GCPF) In 1955, the State of Illinois passed legislation creating the GCPF. Since then, Illinois has strengthened its commitment to public highway-rail safety by increasing funding toward projects such as the closure and consolidation of existing public crossings, installation of new warning systems, highway approach improvements, upgrades to existing warning devices and interconnection to nearby traffic signals, construction/reconstruction of grade separation structures and the construction of pedestrian grade separations. The Commission administers the GCPF, which is funded by motor fuel tax money designated for rail safety improvements. The General Assembly appropriates $42 million annually for the GCPPF. For more information and to see the ICC's annual Crossing Safety Improvement Program, click here.

Press Releases

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