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Press Release - Wednesday, May 24, 2023

SPRINGFIELD, IL - The Illinois Department of Agriculture (IDOA) encourages farmers and agrichemical facilities to take part in a free agrichemical container recycling program. Beginning in the middle of July and continuing into August, sites throughout the state will collect containers that are recycled to make shipping pallets.

"This program offers farmers and agrichemical facilities a convenient opportunity to dispose of empty pesticide containers and demonstrate their environmental stewardship," said IDOA Director Jerry Costello II. "Metal and household pesticide containers are not eligible for the recycling program. Collection sites will accept only high-density polyethylene, #2 plastic agrichemical containers that are clean and dry."

Participants are responsible for rinsing containers and removing all caps, valves, metal, labels, booklets and foil seals. Participants are also responsible for cutting off the top and bottom of plastic drums and cutting the side of the drum from top to bottom. Mini-Bulk and Intermediate Bulk containers can be recycled via the IDOA's container recycling program by making the following container preparations: Mini Bulk (cage) containers are required to be cut into separate top, bottom and sides, fittings discarded (no metal, no wood) (6 slabs of plastic).

Intermediate Bulk Containers are to be cut in to 1-foot square pieces, fittings discarded (no metal, no wood). G. Phillips and Sons, L.L.C. is offering services to pick up Mini-Bulk and Intermediate Bulk containers throughout the year. Feel free to contact G. Phillips and Sons, L.L.C. at 678-232-6047 to learn more about their Mini-Bulk and Intermediate Bulk container collection service.

The program is a cooperative venture between the Illinois Department of Agriculture, Agriculture Container Recycling Council, GROWMARK, Inc., Illinois Fertilizer and Chemical Association, G. Phillips and Sons, L.L.C., Illinois Farm Bureau, and University of Illinois Extension.

To obtain a free brochure about the program, call IDOA toll free at 1-800-641-3934. The collection sites and dates for the 2023 Pesticide Container Recycling Program are as follows:
Permanent collection sites:

County                      Location                                   City                              Contact Phone #
Pike                     Logan Agri Srv, Inc.                     Griggsville                   Troy Kennedy 217-833-2375
Lawrence            Klein Flying Service                     Lawrenceville              Ryan Klein 812-890-6685
White                  Klein Flying Service                      Carmi                          Bri Klein 812-890-8605

Single Day Collection Sites:

AM Site hours are 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.
PM Site hours are 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.
*** Site hours are 8 a.m. to 11 a.m.

Date/Time          Location                Contact
07/17 PM           Southern FS         Ryan Moss
Pulaski                 Pulaski                 (618) 845-3333

07/18 ***           Bockhorn Ag, Inc.  Justin Bockhorn
Randolph            Sparta                   (618) 443-3905

07/18 PM          Gateway FS             Tim Keller
Monroe             Waterloo                (618) 939-8237

07/19 AM         Nutrien Ag Sol, Inc.   Jeff Haas
Clinton              New Baden             (618) 588-3525

07/19 PM     Irvington Elevator Co   Steve Seidel
Washington  Irvington                     (618) 249-6206

07/20 AM      Effingham Equity         Andy Meinhart
Effingham      Montrose                    (217) 342-3123

07/20 PM      Nutrien Ag Sol, Inc.    Randy Goodman
Fayette          Vandalia                     (618) 283-1263

07/21 AM     M & M Service Co        Brian McKinney
Macoupin     Girard                            (217) 627-2151

07/21 PM     Effingham Equity          Andy Meinhart
Christian       Pana                            (217) 342-3123

07/24 AM    Wabash Valley Srv Co   Kent Ochs
Wayne          Ellery                              618-516-1697

07/24 PM   Southern FS                   Jeff Brown
Franklin       Mulkeytown                   (618) 724-2454

07/25 AM   Prairieland FS, Inc.         Dick Stiltz
Morgan       Jacksonville                     (217) 243-6561

07/25 PM   Sunrise FS                      Zach Witherell
Cass            Virginia                           (217) 836-0763

07/26 AM     United Prairie, LLC       Ben Rawlins
Champaign   Tolono                           (217) 485-6000

07/26 PM      Nutrien Ag Sol, Inc.       Todd Miller
Iroquois         Onarga                         (815) 268-4428

07/27 AM     Chem-Gro, Inc.              Todd Nelson
Hancock        Bowen                           (217) 842-5514

07/27 PM     Nutrien Ag Sol, Inc.        Travis Weaver
McDonough Blandinsville                   (309) 652-3694

07/28 AM     Prairieland FS, Inc.         Aaron Winner
Schuyler        Rushville                         (217) 322-2028

07/28 PM    West Central FS              Brian McMillen
Warren        Ormonde                        (309) 255-5102

07/31 AM     Earlybird Feed Fert       Karmon Gudeman
Tazewell        Deer Creek                    (309) 620-1440

07/31 PM      Ag-land FS, Inc.            Jarret Summers
Peoria            Hanna City                     (309) 565-4315

08/01 AM     Chebanse Ag                 Dean Schafer
Kankakee     Chebanse                      (815) 697-2392

08/01 PM     Nutrien Ag Sol, Inc.       Eric Green
Livingston     Saunemin                      (815) 832-4491

08/02 AM    Grainco FS, Inc.             Greg Simms
LaSalle          Lostant                           (815) 368-3215

08/02 PM    Helena Chemical Co.     Justin Hughes
Woodford    Toluca                             (815) 452-2377

08/03 AM    Helena Chemical Co.      Gary Hopkins
DeKalb         Kirkland                           (815) 522-3251

08/03 PM   CHS Inc.                           Paul Ramm
Kane           Maple Park                       (630) 247-8882

08/04 AM   Conserv FS, Inc.              Brett Wolter
McHenry    Marengo                           (815) 568-7211

08/04 PM    Conserv FS, Inc.               Mike Webb
Winnebago Rockford                           (815) 703-4612

08/07 AM     Pearl City Elev, Inc.         Matt Merdian
Stephenson  Dakota                             (309) 756-8983

08/07 PM     Carroll Srv Co.                 Riley Warnken
Carroll          Milledgeville                     (815) 225-7101

Press Releases

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