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Giannoulias Issues First 100-Days Report Outlining Major Accomplishments

Press Release - Monday, April 24, 2023

"Getting it Done" Report Features Achievements to Modernize the Office

Illinois Secretary of State Alexi Giannoulias released his First 100 Days report today, highlighting his administration's accomplishments since taking office in January.

The 16-page report reflects how the new Secretary has pursued an aggressive agenda to improve customer service, enhance services, protect consumers, and upgrade technology.

From implementing a comprehensive Executive Ethics Order on Day One to finding ways to reduce the Time Tax, which decreases the time spent waiting for government services, and from moving to overhaul the office's archaic technology systems to pushing an aggressive legislative agenda, Giannoulias' team has made significant strides to improve the lives of Illinois residents.

"Upon taking office, I laid out a clear vision for overhauling the Secretary of State's office in a manner that helps all Illinoisans," Giannoulias said. "Our goal is to reimagine and remake the Secretary of State's office through modernization to transform it into a model for the rest of the country. We've taken big steps in our first 100 days, but our work is far from over."

Highlights from the report include:

Technological Enhancements
• Comprehensive Technology Assessment - Conducted an assessment of all 24 departments as part of an aggressive modernization effort to transform the office.
Skip the Line - DMV Appointments - Expanded appointment system and implemented the "Skip the Line" feature at the busiest DMVs across the state.
Dissolve LLC's online - Updated the Business Services website to allow businesses to terminate or withdraw a Limited Liability Company (LLC) online.
Searchable Lobbyist Database - Redesigned the website's interface to enhance navigating and searching the lobbyist database.
Electronic Titles - Issued a Request for Proposal to implement an Electronic Lien and Title System (ELT) allowing titles to be recorded, assigned and released within minutes.
Electronic Notaries - Drafted rules to allow electronic notaries to legally operate in Illinois, making it easier and faster to notarize documents.
Electronic Signatures - Allowed SOS to execute and accept electronic signatures from the public to simplify and speed up delivery of services from the office.

Employee/Ethics Procedures
Executive Ethics Order - Signed a comprehensive executive ethics order on Day One governing the office and its employees to curb the potential of abuse.
State Vehicle Use - Restricted the use of state-owned vehicles to government-related use only, cutting waste and saving taxpayer dollars.
Time and Attendance - Launched a pilot to replace the paper-based sign-in process to record entries for daily attendance.

Funding Grants
Carjacking and Vehicle Theft Grants - Awarded $21 million in grants to law enforcement task forces across the state to combat carjackings and vehicle thefts.
Public and School Library Grants - Issued more than $60 million in Fiscal Year 2023 grants to over 1,400 public and school libraries.

Legislative Initiatives
Combating Distracted Driving - Makes it illegal to watch or stream videos, Zoom, or access social media sites while driving.
Preventing Book Bans - Prevents public and school libraries from banning books to guard against censorship and protect librarians.
Protecting Motorist's Privacy - Limits the use of license plate reading technology to protect individuals seeking abortion care.
Stopping Pretextual Traffic Stops - Makes it illegal for police to stop motorists for items hanging from their rearview mirror, such as air fresheners.
Increasing Library Access - Authorizes the office to negotiate with e-book and e-audiobook publishers to acquire digital rights to these materials at lower prices.
Expanding and Increasing Voter Registration Opportunity - Initiates a trio of legislative proposals to simplify, expand, and increase voter registration opportunities.

A copy of the full Secretary of State First 100-Days Report can be found by visiting

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