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Over 70 Democratic Lawmakers Voted to Limit Collective Bargaining Requirements

Press Release - Thursday, October 08, 2015

-- House and Senate Democratic Leadership Repeatedly Supported Collective Bargaining Changes --

Governor Rauner yesterday delivered remarks explaining how reforming collective bargaining is a bi-partisan idea and would save taxpayers billions. In fact, many Democrats, including the House Speaker and House Majority Leader as well as the Senate President and Senate Majority Leader, have voted in recent years to limit and remove collective bargaining requirements in an effort to save taxpayers money.

"Twice in the last four years, Illinois Democrats voted to reform collective bargaining, but now they are hiding behind it to try to force spending higher and raise taxes on the people of Illinois," Rauner spokesman Lance Trover said. "The notion that collective bargaining is sacrosanct to the Democratic Party is nothing more than political gamesmanship to protect the status quo and hurt taxpayers."

SB 1 (Pension Reform of 2013)
Senate Democrats voting aye:
Biss, Cunningham, Harmon, Hunter, Jones, Landek, Martinez, McGuire, Morrison, Mulroe, Munoz, Raoul, Sandoval, Silverstein, Stadelman, Steans, Van Pelt, Mr. President

House Democrats voting aye:
Acevedo, Andrade, Arroyo, Bradley, Burke, D., Burke, K., Cassidy, Chapa LaVia, Conroy, Crespo, Currie, D'Amico, Davis, M., Drury, Dunkin, Evans, Feigenholtz, Fine, Flowers, Gabel, Harris, G., Hernandez, Hurley, Jones, Kifowit, Lang, Manley, McAsey, Mitchell, Moylan, Mussman, Nekritz, Sente, Soto, Tabares, Thapedi, Turner, Verschoore, Walsh, Welch, Williams, Willis, Yingling, Zalewski, Mr. Speaker

SB 7 (Labor Reform of 2011)
Senate Democrats voting aye:
Biss (House), Clayborne, Collins, Cunningham (House), Delgado, Forby, Haine, Harmon, Holmes, Hunter, Hutchinson, Jones, Koehler, Landek, Lightford, Martinez, Mulroe, Munoz, Noland, Raoul, Sandoval, Steans, Sullivan, Trotter, Mr. President

House Democrats voting aye: Acevedo, Arroyo, Beiser, Bradley, Burke, D., Burke, K., Chapa LaVia, Crespo, Currie, D'Amico, Davis, W., DeLuca, Dunkin, Feigenholtz, Flowers, Ford, Franks, Gabel, Gordon, Harris, G., Hernandez, Jackson, Jones, Lang, Lilly, Mautino, Mayfield, McAsey, Mussman, Nekritz, Phelps, Rita, Sente, Soto, Thapedi, Turner, Verschoore, Williams, Zalewski, Mr. Speaker

Press Releases

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