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YOUR ACTIONS MATTER! kicks off statewide as preparations begin for new server training law

Press Release - Wednesday, April 22, 2015

SPRINGFIELD— In partnership with local groups throughout the state, the Illinois Liquor Control Commission (ILCC) is kicking off its 7th annual spring educational effort tomorrow. Entitled YOUR ACTIONS MATTER!, this underage drinking prevention program is designed to remind adults that “preventing underage drinking is EVERYONE’S responsibility.”

To view the complete list of local YOUR ACTIONS MATTER! partners, visit

Not only did youth create the YOUR ACTIONS MATTER! educational materials, they also are visiting liquor establishments throughout the state to distribute these materials, along with their adult chaperones. “We hope teens participating in YOUR ACTIONS MATTER! take ownership of the message, as it may help them resist peer pressure and the temptation to drink when offered alcohol,” says ILCC Acting Director Ivan Fernandez.

The spring and summer seasons are critical for underage drinking prevention efforts. “Unfortunately, many teens will drink for the first time during the coming months,” says ILCC Education Manager Ted Penesis, who organized the statewide activity. “Two types of events stand out: prom and graduation parties. Even more troubling, some parents condone underage drinking during these events. That is why educating adults of the many dangers is so important at this time of year.”

Aiding in the delivery of this important parent education message are television stations throughout the state. Numerous participating stations agreed to air the winning public service announcement created by youth in last year’s YOUR ACTIONS MATTER! Teen Video PSA Contest. The PSA will air now through the summer.

To view the video, order free materials, and more information, visit

New state law will assist in keeping alcohol out of teen’s hands

New regulations will take effect impacting all Beverage Alcohol Sellers/Servers Education & Training (BASSET) trainees throughout the state, as well as Cook County bars and restaurants. Beginning on July 1, 2015 all current and future BASSET cardholders will need to renew their certification every three years. In addition, all Cook County servers and “bouncers” (ie, those whose job description entails the checking of identification when alcohol is consumed on the premises) must be trained and certified. 

To ease the transition for BASSET trainees and liquor establishments, monetary penalties for non-compliance with the new provisions will commence in January. Additionally, business owners and BASSET cardholders will soon have access to a secured BASSET Card Lookup system on the ILCC website. Once registered, BASSET cardholders will have the ability to print out their card at no cost.

Finally, the ILCC has arranged for a series of FREE BASSET classes throughout Cook County. A total of 27 free classes have been scheduled. To view the complete schedule and register for one of the free training sessions, visit and click on the “Calendar” tab.


Press Releases

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