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Governor Quinn Statement on Cook County Board's Additional Advisory Referendums

Press Release - Wednesday, July 23, 2014

CHICAGO - Governor Pat Quinn today issued the following statement regarding the Cook County Board's approval to add two additional advisory referendums to the November ballot. Voters in Cook County will be asked whether the state should require universal background checks for all gun sales and whether the state should prohibit the sale and transfer of assault weapons and high capacity magazines. A second referendum asks voters whether the state should provide additional funding for mental health care.

"This November, voters in Cook County will have an opportunity to raise their voices at the ballot box on two important issues to keep our streets safer.

"The violence epidemic in Chicago has taken far too many lives.

"While many factors contribute to the wars on our streets, there's no question that there is a crying need for common-sense gun laws that make our communities safer.

"No child in any community should have to fear for their lives when they step outside.

"Military-style assault weapons have no place on our streets. These weapons - which have the capacity to shoot a large volume of ammunition - have no purpose other than killing. By taking these weapons off our streets, we can help lessen the risk for tragic mass shootings that have destroyed innocent lives across our country.

"Additionally, universal background checks for gun sales will help ensure that guns don't get in the wrong hands.

"I applaud the Cook County Board for adding these important referendums. With proper gun control regulations and investment in mental health care we can help save lives and improve safety within our communities."

Press Releases

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