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Governor Quinn Praises Senate Passage of Hydraulic Fracturing Legislation

Press Release - Friday, May 31, 2013

SPRINGFIELD - Governor Pat Quinn today issued the following statement regarding the Illinois Senate's passage of Senate Bill 1715, the Hydraulic Fracturing Regulation Act. The bill contains the nation's strongest environmental protections and significant economic potential. The governor called for passage in his 2013 budget address and the Quinn Administration helped negotiate the bill:

"I applaud the members of the Illinois General Assembly for passing the nation's strongest environmental protections when it comes to hydraulic fracturing.

"This legislation will open the door for thousands of jobs and significant economic development in Southern Illinois. It could be a shot in the arm for many communities.

"This is a good bill and it's the result of a good-faith effort by lawmakers, industry and labor leaders, environmental groups and members of my administration to ensure Illinois' natural resources are protected.

"I thank members of the Senate who passed this bill swiftly and Rep. John Bradley for his hard work. I look forward to signing this legislation."

Press Releases

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