A new license is required for all Illinois retailers of cigarettes and tobacco products.​ Click on Cigarette and Tobacco Products Retailer's License for more details and the application. 

In 1993, federal regulations were introduced requiring all states to reduce the sale of tobacco products to minors by enacting and enforcing minimum-age tobacco laws.

The Illinois Liquor Control Commission​ was subsequently designated as the state agency responsible for complying with these regulations. The Commission immediately created the “Kids Can’t Buy ‘Em Here” (KCBEH) campaign which facilitates the implementation and expansion of community-based, retail education and enforcement programs. The Commission’s role, and the primary function of the “KCBEH” campaign are to:

  • Provide technical assistance to communities wishing to improve retailer compliance through educational programs and enforcement activities.
  • Initiate activities to promote awareness and compliance to minimum-age tobacco laws with the general public, tobacco retailers and municipal officials.​​
Questions? Visit the Tobacco FAQ page for answers to the most frequently asked licensing questions.