With spectacular immersive environments, traditional exhibit galleries and high-tech special effects theaters, a visit to the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum promises a memorable day for all visitors. But for a teacher with a large group of school children in tow, navigating through the museum, while providing a meaningful learning experience, can be a daunting endeavor. To help you prepare yourself and your students, the ALPLM Education Department has created teacher resource guides specifically for educators bringing a school group to the ALPLM.

To view the Teacher Resource Guides, you will need to download Adobe Acrobat Reader if it is not installed on your computer. Download Adobe Acrobat Reader.

The To Kill and to Heal Teacher Resource Guide explores the philosophical and moral divisions over the expansion of slavery and the election of Abraham Lincoln.

The Lincoln's Farewell Address Teacher Resource Guide was created in conjunction with the nation's Civil War Sesquicentennial observance and highlights one of Abraham Lincoln's most moving speeches. Lesson plans and student activities are based on the president-elect's impromptu farewell to Springfield and his move from Springfield to our nation's capital in 1861. Find background information, lesson plans and classroFirst_Ladies.pdfom activities here.

Museum Experience Teacher Resource Guide is filled with pre-visit, on-site and post-visit activities. Learn what to expect on the day of your tour as well as lesson plans and activities to prepare students for an enriching museum experience. This guide contains a museum questionnaire (scavenger hunt) for students to use in the museum during their tour.

Gettysburg Address Teacher Resources was created to acknowledge The Gettysburg Address which was of one of Lincoln's greatest speeches. Find lesson plans and classroom activities here.

Mr. Lincoln's Attic The guide provides educators with the historical background of the exhibit, as well as activities, worksheets, vocabulary and more, all geared to the Illinois Learning Standards. Topics explored include "Why We Collect" and "Do Objects Talk" which invites students to take on the role of the museum professional in examining artifacts to reveal the stories behind them.

Women's History Month contains exciting ideas for bringing Women's History into the classroom.

Black History Month In celebration of Black History Month, this guide is filled with information and ideas to bring Black History Month into your classroom. The guide provides educators with historical background of Black History Month, biographical sketches of African-American History Makers, as well as activities, additional resources and more.

Team of Rivals Teacher Resources

African Americans in Illinois Includes the 1908 Race Riot Online Magazine and Generations of Pride African Americans in IL a Selected Chronology.

Oral Histories are a great way to bring history to life in your classroom.  This teacher resource includes first hand testimonals from Illinois residents and suggested student activities.