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Welcome to Serve Illinois


What Does National Service Mean to Illinois?

CNCS Report on IllinoisAcross Illinois members of AmeriCorps, Senior Corps, and other programs serve their communities and "Get Things Done" for America!

Here is what Serve Illinois' 1,600 AmeriCorps Members did last year:

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  • $47,765,748 – Service hours to Illinois communities
  • 298,334 – Illinoisans served​​
  • ​2,679,584 – Meals served to 16,729 people​
  • 180,469 – Youth served
  • 127,320 – Students tutored/mentored
  • 37,954 – Active military members, military family members, and veterans served
  • 25,000 – People received legal services
  • 17,833 – Non-AmeriCorps volunteers recruited that served 260,049 hours worth $6,589,642
  • 13,050 - People affected by disasters served
  • 6,695 – People received health education services
  • 4,018 – Homeless individuals served
  • 2,822 – People received job training
  • 2,793 – Adults received literacy education services
  • 2,239 – People with disabilities served
  • 2,115 – Victims of violence served
  • 1,048 – K-12 Schools served

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Volunteer of the Week

Susan Gawura

Susan GawuraSusan Gawura has been a volunteer at Lakeview Pantry for almost 3 years, but in that short time, she has made a huge impact on the clients she serves, the volunteers she works alongside, and the staff she supports. Susan commits at least 12 hours per week during the food distribution service, for a yearly total of over 660 hours! Lakeview Pantry would not be in operation without its volunteer corps. Out of the entire corps, Susan donated the MOST time in 2016! Susan is adept at assisting in orienting and leading the crews at the Sheridan site (Lakeview Pantry’s biggest/busiest location). With over 3,000 clients walking through its doors each month, Susan's job as crew leader is no easy task, but she does it with a great attitude and a graciousness that is felt by every person with whom she comes into contact.

As a Volunteer Ambassador (a special designation given to top volunteers at the Pantry) Susan is very experienced in client services. The empathy she demonstrates when serving Lakeview’s neighbors in need is a very special quality. She has a warmth about her that immediately puts clients at ease. One of Susan's most valuable contributions to the Pantry has been her assistance in the transition from the Pantry’s old building to its new 7,500 sq. ft. building at 3945 N. Sheridan Rd. As a graduate of the University of Michigan Engineering and Business schools, Susan used her advanced critical thinking skills, helping to design the new distribution process. Susan's engineering expertise, analytical skills and her pragmatic problem solving capability were all critical factors in the successful results. She was absolutely tireless in providing the analytical support and recommendations that were so important.

This was a time intensive activity that Susan graciously volunteered to do on top of her regular food distribution responsibilities. Susan is a rare gem and Lakeview Pantry is incredibly lucky to have her on their team! Lakeview can always trust her to effectively tackle any task we throw her way. She is truly an outstanding volunteer!


Upcoming Events

6/1/2017​ Serve Illinois Commission Meeting Chicago and Springfield

1:00pm - 5:00pm

Meetings are open to the public.
For more information, please email us.
6/7/2017​ Central Illinois Volunteerism Conference
6/13/2017​ AmeriCorps Program Director Call Conference Call