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Children in Need of a Forever Family

For more information about these featured children, please call 800-572-2390 or send an email to Adoption Listing Service and Inquiry Unit.


12, Male, Individual

Kane is an active young man who is a joy to be around.

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9, Female, Individual

Mary enjoys going to school, doing activities with friends, and engaging in sports and camps.

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14, Male, individual

Jair, who likes to go by the name Alex, likes playing outside and playing basketball.

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10, Female
Miracle is a 10-year-old African-American girl with a bright smile and soft brown eyes. Miracle is outgoing, energetic, intelligent and funny. She enjoys cooking and sports.
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​14, Male
Jaheim is a quiet child until he gets to know you. Jaheim is a smart young man; and is currently in the 8th grade. He is inquisitive, asks a lot of questions and shares his opinion. He enjoys spending time reading mythology and space books.
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​14, Male
Richard, who prefers to be called “Ricky,” is a very affectionate young man and he has a happy go lucky attitude. At times Ricky can be quiet or shy. He is protective of the people he loves and loves being a big brother to his younger brother and sister.
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​15, Male
Draven is an intelligent young man with positive interests. He enjoys typical "guy stuff" such as playing sports and other physical activities. Draven also enjoys playing percussion instruments, camping, fishing and other outdoor activities. In his spare time he likes to play video games and read books.
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12, Female
Ariel is a bright young lady who has a passion for drawing and singing.
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12, Female
Lillie is bright and articulate young lady. She enjoys school; and her favorite subject is science. Her new interest is trying new recipes. She loves watching cooking shows on Netflix. Lillie is very involved in the church musical ministry.
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15, Male
“I’d like a family that will play sports with me, take me on vacations and teach me about the world. Take me on a jet! I am dying to fly! I’m fun to be with!”
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6, female
Nariah is a loving and sweet child. She takes some time to bond with others, but once she does, she becomes quite attached. She loves to spend time with her friends; and she enjoys dolls, puzzles and games on her tablet, movies and gymnastics! Others say Nariah is very affectionate, curious, playful, humorous and polite. And boy oh boy, can she play all day!
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