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Enterprise IT Governance Process

Guidelines for Governance Applicability

The Governance process was designed to manage the application of technology to business needs. It is not designed to manage the ongoing investment in the Shared Services infrastructure (e.g. virtual server deployment for multiple-agency use). The Governance staff ensures that business initiatives are in alignment with the standards, guidelines and overall IT direction of the enterprise, and manages the application of technology to business needs.
Submit a charter if you are not sure whether or not Governance applies to your project. Governance applies to business-sponsored projects under the following guidelines:
  • New business functionality is being added
  • A move to a new or updated platform is being made
    • Presentation layer
    • Database
    • Technical platform
    • Programming language
  • An old system is being replaced (lifecycle)
  • A system is being in-sourced or outsourced either partially or completely
  • The work has enterprise implications

Gate Process Flows

The Governance process comprises three Gates. Each Gate builds upon the previous gate to ensure that all aspects of the decision making process are completed. This approach is used to ensure that every aspect of the project is examined and appropriate entities are made aware of the upcoming needs.

ITG Gate 1 Process

Entrance Criteria: Project Charter Submitted
  1. Agency submits Project Charter
  2. Governance staff reviews Project Charter for relative alignment
  3. Agency updates and resubmits the Project Charter as necessary
  4. Governance staff approves Gate 1 for an aligned Project Charter or else provides the submitting agency with an explanation for denial if the initiative is not aligned
Exit Criteria: Approved Project Charter. Upon Gate 1 approval, the agency may begin requirements gathering, including procurement of resources to help with requirements, but the agency may not solicit vendor proposals or begin the technical design. 

ITG Gate 2 Process

Entrance Criteria: Gate 1 Approved
  1. Agency submits Business Requirements and Technical Requirements. plus any appropriate RFP/IFB Specs
  2. Governance staff reviews documents for relative alignment
  3. Agency updates and resubmits the documents as necessary
  4. Governance staff approves Gate 2 for aligned Business and Technical Requirements or else provides the submitting agency with an explanation for denial
Exit Criteria: Approved Business Requirements and Technical Requirements, plus approved RFP/IFB specs, if appropriate. Upon Gate 2 approval, the agency may begin the technical design and solicit vendor proposals.

ITG Gate 3 Process

Entrance Criteria: Gate 2 Approved
  1. Governance staff defines a Project Scope Statement that expresses the services and products supplied to the business organization that will meet the business needs with relative alignment with the State of Illinois’ architecture, strategy, and shared service objectives
  2. Agency reviews the Project Scope Statement, approves or modifies it, and returns it to Governance staff. Governance staff and agency work together to finalize an approved Project Scope Statement.
  3. Governance staff approves Gate 3 for aligned Project Scope or else provides the submitting agency with an explanation for denial
Exit Criteria: Approved Project Scope. Upon Gate 3 approval, the agency may acquire the solution and begin related development and testing

After Gate 3 Approval

BCCS staff will schedule a joint project planning meeting with the agency. This meeting provides an opportunity for all parties involved in the implementation to review Governance documents, ask questions, or clarify concerns that affect the technology needed for successful completion of the project. 


  1. The agency is responsible for obtaining a waiver and requesting resumption for any condition of denial
  2. The Governance process continues from the resumption point, and any missing gate documentation may be requested
  3. Agencies may be requested to update the original ITG documentation if the context has changed, such as a scope change triggered by the State CIO or a significant time lapse between the denial and the wavier submission

Please submit your completed governance forms directly into the ITGovernance system on the EPM Portal or email to

If you have questions, please contact the Governance Team at


Protection of Social Security Number

Illinois is dedicated to protecting the personal information in our possession.  Identifying social security numbers and defining controls that protect that data are required by the Illinois Identity Protection Act and State policy.  Any new application or database that contains social security numbers will need to have the Social Security Number Justification form filled out to document the reasons and protections in place to protect that personal information.