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Illinois Wireless Information Network (IWIN)

Category: Network

​BCCS owns and manages the Illinois Wireless Information Network (IWIN) through a unique contractual partnership between the State of Illinois, Verizon Wireless, and Motorola. The networks' purpose is to provide a fast, reliable and secure wide area data network to Federal, State, County and local government wireless users within Illinois who require mobile communications. The largest use of IWIN is by the law enforcement community. With well over 5,000 units and 12,000 users spanning more than 400 communities,  IWIN has grown to be the largest mobile data network in the country.

Equipped with a laptop, portable computer or handheld device, a CDMA modem and Motorola's Premier MDC™ mobile data communications software, users can transmit and receive data using standard Internet protocol (TCP/IP). Through Premier MDC™ software, data from the mobile users is digitized, encrypted and compressed. The data is then transmitted in "packets" using cellular tower sites with special CDMA equipment to a Motorola message switch server maintained by the State of Illinois. This server links the remote user to the Law Enforcement Agencies Data System (LEADS) and other desired agency databases. The user receives real-time data in an easy-to-use Microsoft-Windows screen.

Improved field operations, management effectiveness and secure interagency communications are just a few of the benefits of using IWIN. Using IWIN as a secondary means of communication also reduces radio channel congestion and enhances personal safety.


Activation Fees

​Item ​Unit of Measure ​Rate
​Network Connection (CDMA Users) ​Per Device ​$1,000.00
​Network Connection (PDA Client ​Per Device ​$550.00
​LAN-Based Clients ​Per Device ​$500.00

​CAD/RMS Network Connection
(Does not Include Motorola or CAD/RMS Vendor Cost)

​Per Agency ​$1,000.00

 Monthly Fees 

Item​ ​Unit of Measure ​Rate
​CDMA Network Service EV-DO 20 mg, Restricted
(No Internet Access)
​Per Device ​$22.00
​DMA Network Service EV-DO Unlimited,
Restricted (No Internet Access) or Unrestricted
​Per Device ​$42.00
​Software Maintenance Fee (CDMA Users) ​Per Device ​$4.50
​Software Maintenance Fee (LAN-Based Clients) ​Per Device ​$5.00

Aircard cost can be found in the Cellular Devices Product Catalog.

What is Included?


  • Dedicated cellular bandwidth and CDMA network access.
  • Full statewide coverage within Illinois for connectivity continuity.
  • No roaming charges within Illinois.
  • Secure data access and transmission using password protection and encryption.
  • Mapping and GPS access capability during patrol/travel time.
  • Car-to-car and workstation-to-workstation messaging.
  • In-vehicle paging
  • VZAM Enterprise software
  • IWIN Coverage locator

Equipment and Access

  • Use of Motorola's Premier MDC™ software. Additional copies of the software are available post-subscription to the service via the BCCS Customer Service Center (CSC), at 1-800-366-8768.
  • Standards-based network allowing use of a variety of laptops, wireless modems, and portably-operated equipment. CMS maintains a master contract with CDS Office Technologies for mobile data equipment. Customers are responsible for obtaining their IWIN-related equipment directly from the vendor. Laptops used with IWIN should be equipped with CDMA modems and USB serial ports to provide for the tethering of services.
  • Computer-based training on IWIN hardware.
  • Law Enforcement Agencies Data System (LEADS) certification is provided through the Illinois State Police (ISP) by means of computer-based training on IWIN policies and procedures. Following the required certification, ISP controlled LEADS access is granted to the respective customer.
  • Text-to-voice module
  • Barcode/image capture device interface
  • Day/night vision
  • Terminal emulation software
  • Go to for equipment purchasing information.

What Should You Expect?

  • User support 24 x 7 x 365 through the Customer Service Center
  • In-vehicle printer and mapping/GPS support
  • Lead-time for equipment ordering and installation will vary per customer
  • Activation of an IWIN account is contingent upon LEADS certification completion and IWIN equipment installation and setup
  • Use of Premier MDC™ mobile data communications software in conjunction with standard Internet protocol (TCP/IP)
  • Maintenance of contracts with mobile provider(s)
  •  Enforcement of contractual obligations with mobile provider(s)
  • Assistance provided to all IWIN users in resolving problems related to:
    • Log on/log off procedures
    • Passwords
    • Messaging Module
    • Paging Module
    • Emergency Button
    • Mobile Network issues

How Can You Help?

  • Routinely review billing for errors and underutilized service and equipment
  • Eliminate assignment of multiple devices to individuals
  • Routinely review usage of wireless equipment and relocate or un-install unused or under-utilized equipment
  • Ensure that all authorized IWIN users are knowledgeable about the IWIN policies and procedures
  • Ensure that all authorized IWIN users access the network only with their own user IDs
  • Ensure that IWIN is not used for personal or other matters that do not pertain to official criminal justice or public safety activity
  • Ensure that all LEADS certifications are current
  • Notify the CMS-BCCS Customer Service Center when there are changes in IWIN Coordinator information.