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Enterprise Storage

Category: Hosting Services

BCCS offers enterprise storage services to customers in support of their business and operational needs.  Storage is offered for customers needing quick and ready access.  It also meets customer needs for long-term storage that will not be accessed on a daily or otherwise frequent basis.  The rates take into consideration the accessibility, frequency and convenience of the storage services used by customers.

Enterprise storage services are available to all State agencies, boards, commissions, universities, colleges,
Offices of the General Assembly, and Constitutional Officers as well as county and municipal governments within Illinois.


​Item ​Response Time ​Unit of Measure Debit Code​ ​Rate
​Tier 1 ​Fastest ​Per Gigabyte per Month ​415 ​$0.90
​Tier 2 ​Faster ​Per Gigabyte per Month ​416 ​$0.65
​Tier 3 ​Fast ​Per Gigabyte per Month ​417 ​$0.45
​Tier 4 ​Readily Available ​Per Gigabyte per Month ​466 Option 1: $0.07
Option 2: $0.14

What is Included?

When considering the type of enterprise storage service that provides the most optimum benefits, customers need to evaluate the details of each type.

Storage pricing includes:  

  • Data backup and recovery services
  • Authorization and access management
  • Security and vulnerability scanning of the file systems
  • Server virus protection

Enterprise Storage Types 

Tier 1 – Storage Area Network (SAN) Storage a.k.a. Block Level Storage

  • Large-scale, high-performance enterprise storage systems
  • Includes database systems as well as application, email and file servers
  • Network of large disk arrays
  • Includes most data storage needs for immediate access on a steadily-frequent basis such as database systems as well as application, email and file servers  

Tier 2 – Network Attached Storage a.k.a. File Level Storage 

  • File-based data storage services (i.e., Common Internet File System (CIFS)/Server Message Block and Network File System (NFS)/Distributed File System) provided to other devices on the network
  • Available using standard network protocols
  • Includes users’ respective personal and shared data

Tier 3 – Content-Addressable Storage a.k.a. Long-Term Capacity Storage

  • For the storage of data that is not intended to be readily modified on a frequent basis
  • Replaces (1) “write once, read many” technology, (2) tape media, (3) volumes of scanned documentation previously stored in Tiers 1 or 2 and (4) legacy archived documentation that is almost never modified
  • BCCS email Enterprise Vault is employing this storage
  • Valuable for compliance with document-retention laws, pertaining to emails and specified business documents, as well as other mandated storage requirements

Tier 4 – Data Warehouse Storage a.k.a. Readily-Accessible Large-Data Storage

  • Offered for the storage of large amounts of data that will need to be readily-accessible due to its importance to the customer and need for retrieval of large amounts of data at any point in time
  • Does not have any restrictions, legal or otherwise, with respect to retention
  • Valuable for storing large amounts of static data such as aerial photos, TIF files and GIS data

What Should You Expect?

The data storage systems administered by BCCS provide:

  • Engineered industry-standard reliability based upon the requirements of the customer housed in secured facilities
  • Having on-demand scalability meeting most retention needs per customer recordkeeping policies
  • The large disk arrays and networking equipment used in SAN storage are considerably more expensive than that used in other types of storage.
  • Network attached storage utilizes higher drive volumes, reduced-speed disk drives and less redundancy than SANs allowing for lower overall usage costs.
  • Tiers 1, 2 and 3 provide 60 copies of customer data which are retained locally for 60 days.  Customer data is also replicated and stored at a secondary site.
  • Tier 4 provides two storage options
    • Option 1 provides one local snapshot of customer data with no replication
    • Option 2 provides one local snapshot as well as replication of all of a customer’s data to a secondary site

How Can You Help?

  • Ensure that enterprise storage services are not used for personal or other matters that do not pertain to official business needs
  • Reporting significant changes in business operations that may influence enterprise storage services.
  • Reporting changes in service performance in a timely manner to allow for accurate and speedy diagnostics.
  • Customers should ensure that they communicate all of their respective storage requirements to BCCS concerning retention, security requirements and disaster recovery assessment as well as current and projected storage volume needs.