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Job Title Search

The Alphabetic Index/Class Specification search utility below is updated to FY2017. Please go to the Alphabetic Index to search the printable version of the document.

September 1, 2016 Edition

The Alphabetic Index/Class Specification Search allows applicants to search for job titles utilizing three methods.

The first two options search for titles based on the name of the job title. The last option searches the full text of the class specifications for titles that match the keywords entered.

The class specifications identify duties and levels of responsibilities that are generally associated with positions in each classification. This search capability does not contain information regarding specific options that may exist for some classifications or specific duties of a particular vacancy. Individual job descriptions are written based upon these class specifications and provide a more detailed description of the duties associated with each position. Language regarding individual job descriptions may be obtained from the agency job postings. See Current Job Postings/Open Vacancies.

NOTE: This feature is intended to provide additional search methods that are not presently contained in the Job Interest Card section of this system. To be notified via e-mail when vacancies occur, the Job Interest Card search page must be utilized.


Job Title Search By:

Choose the first letter of the job title you are searching for:


Search Tip: Using partial words for searching will return more results than using the entire word. For example, searching for correction will display titles or specifications including the words Corrections, Correctional, etc. Searching for corrections will not display titles or specifications that have Correctional in them.


The Appendix for the Alphabetic Index includes information on the EEOC Codes, Abbreviations, and Bargaining Units.

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