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Aug 24 - Sept 3


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    Lost Children

    Lost children will be assisted at the Du Quoin State Fair Administrative Office located in the Grandstand.  Only emergency announcements will be made over the paging system. If you have a lost child, check with an Illinois State Police Officer or Fairgrounds Event Staff Worker on the grounds for directions to the office and assistance in finding the child. When arriving at the fairgrounds, choose a landmark and agree to meet there if any member of your group becomes separated.

    Lost-and-Found Articles

     All lost and found items are to be brought to the Du Quoin State Fair Administrative Office in the Grandstand during the Fair.  If you have lost something you can check with the Illinois State Police and the Grandstand Administrative Office.


    Accessible parking and restroom facilities are available throughout the grounds. Accessible parking is available at Gate 1 AND Gate 5 which is where you can also find an accessible tram to help you see the fairgrounds.  In accordance with the American with Disabilities Act, any attendee requiring reasonable accommodations should notify us of their needs when ordering Grandstand Tickets.  An accessible tram unit is available on the fairgrounds.  Signers/Interpreters are available for information from 3 PM until 8 PM on weekdays and from 12:00 PM until 8 PM weekends and the Labor Day holiday.

    First Aid Station

    The First Aid Station is located at the north end of the Grandstand. 

    Transportation Trams

    The convenient means of transportation – trams – have returned and will be providing FREE transportation to fair-goers throughout the vast fairgrounds.

    Refreshment Stations

    Family refreshment stations are located throughout the Du Quoin State Fairgrounds. Not air-conditioned, but located in shady areas for the most part with seats for relaxation. This facility is operated through the kindness of the Du Quoin Postmaster and his staff.  ​​​​

    Administrative Offices

     The Du Quoin State Fair administrative offices are located in the Grandstand. Hours are 8:00am to 7:00pm during the fair. For information, call 618/542-1515 (Voice) or 618/542-1355 (TTY)​​​​​