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Aug 24 - Sept 3


  1. DuQuoin
  2. Competitions
  3. Twilight Parade

Twilight Parade

Each year, the Du Quoin State Fair holds a Twilight Parade to proudly announce the opening of the eleven day annual showcase in Du Quoin.  This year's parade will be held on Friday, August 24th at 6pm. Want to join the parade? Application for the 2018 parade will be available at a later date.


Become a Part of the Parade

Image of Parade

There is something for both young and old in the parade – from marchers to riders on horseback and you too can be a part of the fun. The Du Quoin State Fair is looking for groups who are interested in participating in the parade. This year's theme will be determined at a later date. Participation details and forms will also be made available at a later date.