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Aug 24 - Sept 3


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Livestock Book

Premises IdentificationA Livestock Premises Identification number will be VOLUNTARY for livestock exhibition at all 2018 county, state, 4-H and FFA fairs in Illinois. Register a Premise



For years, the Du Quoin State Fair has had the opportunity to showcase some of the best livestock in the country. This year is no exception. Livestock competition includes; beef cattle, dairy cattle, heavy horses, mules, sheep, and swine.


Department A - Beef Cattle

Department B - Dairy Cattle

Department C - Heavy Horse/Draft Pony/Mules & Mini Mules

Department D - Junior Sheep Show

Department E - Swine

Livestock Health Requirements

To ensure the safety and proper treatment of all participating livestock. The Du Quoin State Fair requires veterinary inspection and certification with specific guidelines. For more information please email