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Grantee Links

Grantee Links provides information on the four grantee pre-award requirements:   

1.       Grantee Registration
2.       Grantee Pre-qualification
3.       Fiscal and Administrative Risk Assessment (ICQ)
4.       Programmatic Risk Assessment
1.       All grantees must be registered with the State of Illinois.  Grantee Registration is completed by accessing, completing and submitting the following Grantee Registration form: Completion of the Grantee Registration triggers the remaining grantee pre-award requirements.  After successful registration, changes to the registration information can be done by clicking here:
2.       All entities must be qualified to do business with the State of Illinois.  To be qualified for an FY17 grant award, an entity must:
a.       Have a current DUNS number;
b.      Have a current SAM CAGE Code;
c.       Not be on the Federal Excluded Parties List
d.      Be in Good Standing with the Illinois Secretary of State
Pre-qualification status will be verified after Grantee Registration is submitted.  If an entity has a pre-qualification issue, a state awarding agencies will notify the entity.  Entities on the Federal Excluded Parties List are not eligible to do business with the State of Illinois.  Entities are remediate all other pre-qualification issues.
3.       Entities must complete an Internal Controls Questionnaire (ICQ) as the Fiscal and Administrative Risk Assessment.  The ICQ is completed once, annually.  All state agencies will utilize the results of the ICQ.  A link to the automated ICQ will be emailed to the contact email address specified on the Grantee Registration. 
4.       Entities must complete a Programmatic Risk Assessment for each grant award.   The grant-specific Programmatic Risk Assessment is administered by the awarding agency.  The programmatic risk assessment is generally performed towards the end of the application process.  Your state awarding agency will inform you of the timing of the Programmatic Risk Assessment and administer the Programmatic Risk Assessment.
These four grantee pre-award requirements are mandated by Uniform Guidance (2 CFR 200) and the Grant Accountability and Transparency Act (GATA).  Grantees must complete these requirements prior to receiving a grant award from the State of Illinois.  Questions regarding the grantee pre-award requirements should be directed to your state awarding agency.