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Agency/ University Last Name First Name Phone E-Mail Address
Aging Lenore Roth 217-785-4224 Lenore.roth@illinois.gov
Agriculture Stacey Bishop 217-785-4789 stacey.bishop@illinois.gov
Appellate Defender, Office of Caroline Brown 217-782-7203 Caroline.brown@osad.state.il.us
Appellate Prosecutor, Office of Jessica Mitchell 217-782-0960 Jmitchell@ilsaap.org
Arts Council Romie Munoz 312-814-8250 Romie.munoz@illinois.gov
Attorney General, Office of the Debra Bibbs 312 814-5698 Dbibbs@atg.state.il.us
Auditor General Rose Tucker 217-782-0809 Rtucker@auditor.illinois.gov
Capital Development Board Wanda Trumbo 217-524-7510 Wanda.trumbo@illinois.gov
Central Management Services Natalie
Children and Family Services Brandy Newsome 312-814-3240 Brandy.J.Newsome2@illinois.gov
Civil Service Commission Beckie Daniken 217-782-7373 Beckie.daniken@illinois.gov
Commerce and Economic Opportunity Roukaya Nawoor 217-782-1441 Roukaya.nawoor@illinois.gov
Commerce Commission Lisa Williams 312-814-1109 lwilliams@icc.illinois.gov
Comprehensive Health Insurance Plan Kim Thomas 217-558-4829 Kim.Thomas@illinois.gov
Comptroller, Office of the Shelly Case 217-558-3357 shelly.case@illinois.gov
Corrections Katie Fitzpatrick 217-558-2200 x.2029 katie.fitzpatrick@doc.illinois.gov
  Brittney Viets 217-558-2200 x.7931 brittney.viets@doc.illinois.gov
Courts of Illinois, Administrative Office Alaina Heitz 217-524-4742 aheitz@illinoiscourts.gov
Criminal Justice Information Authority Maria Espindola 312 814-1704 Maria.espindola@illinois.gov
Deaf and Hard of Hearing Commission Patty Greene 217-557-4490 Patty.Greene@illinois.gov
Developmental Disabilities, IL Council on Vanessa Morris 312-814-2080 Vanessa.Morris@Illinois.gov
Education, State Board of Ken Miller 217-782-6434 Kemiller@isbe.net
Educational Labor Relations Board Willa Lee 312-793-3332 Willa.lee@illinois.gov
Elections, Board of Denise Reinders 217-782-1596 Dreinders@elections.il.gov
Emergency Management Agency Lori Beagles 217-524-6678 Lori.a.beagles@illinois.gov
Employment Security Betty Torres 312-793-9322 Betty.torres@illinois.gov
  Don Motley   Don.Motley@illinois.gov
Environmental Protection Agency Rochelle DeRochi 217-782-9540 Rochelle.derochi@illinois.gov
Executive Ethics Commission Caleb Adams 217-524-0360 Caleb.adams@illinois.gov
  Rebecca Shuster 217-558-5411 Rebecca.shuster@illinois.gov
Executive Inspector General Denise Vieaux 312-814-3743 denise.vieaux@illinois.gov
Financial and Professional Regulation Emily Ott 312-898-0179 emily.ott@illinois.gov
Gaming Board Julie Stoecker 217-524-0157 Julie.stoecker@igb.illinois.gov
Governor, Office of the        
Guardianship and Advocacy Commission Bobbie
Healthcare and Family Services Susan Caimi 217-785-9825 Susan.Caimi@illinois.gov
Higher Education, Board of Carol Mullen 217-557-7346 Mullen@ibhe.org
Historic Preservation Agency Jennifer Hogan 217-785-9045 jennifer.hogan@illinois.gov
Housing Development Authority Mita Wade 312-836-5200 nwade@ihda.org
Human Rights Commission Jose Galvez 312-814-6269 jose.galvez@illinois.gov
Human Rights Department Rene Burton 312-814-6275 Rene.burton@illinois.gov
Human Services Shirley Mitts 217-524-1611 shirley.mitts@illinois.gov
Illinois Civil Service Commission        
Illinois Commission on Government Forecasting and Accountability Victoria Copp 217-782-5323 Victoriac@ilga.gov
Illinois House Democrats Kathy Miller 217-782-5352 Millerk@housegopmail.state.il.us
Illinois House Republicans Kevin Bramblett   kevinbp@ilga.gov
Illinois Senate Anne Sagins 217-782-4122 Asagins@senategop.state.il.us
Insurance, Department of Sandra Ralph   Sandra.ralph@illinois.gov
Investment, State Board of Alise White 312 793-5714 Alise.white@illinois.gov
Joint Committee on Administrative Rules Samatha Jostes 217-785-2254 samanthaj@ilqa.gov
Judicial Inquiry Board Vincent Phillip 312-814-5554 Vincent.phillip@illinois.gov
Juvenile Justice Holly Brake 217-557-1030, x. 3007 Holly.J.brake@doc.illinois.gov
  SonIa Garrett   Sonia.Garrett@doc.illinois.gov
  Brian Questelle    
  Eric Childs    
  Mary Goetten    
  Kelly Meeks   Kelly.Meeks@doc.illinois.gov
  Paul Speed   Paul.Speed@doc.illinois.gov
Labor Relations Board, Illinois Carla Stone 312-793-6426 Carla.stone@illinois.gov
Labor, Department of        
Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board Anthony Raffety 217-782-4540 anthony.raffety@illinois.gov
Legislative Audit Commission Mary Cullen 217-782-7097 Mcullen@ilga.gov
Legislative Ethics Commission Randy Erford 217-558-1561 Randye@ilga.gov
Legislative Inspector General        
Legislative Information System Pat McLean 217-558-7647 Patm@ilga.gov
Legislative Printing Unit Jenna Williams 217-785-0197 Jennaw@ilga.gov
Legislative Reference Bureau Shirley Hatchett 217-785-5660 Shatch@ilga.gov
Legislative Research Unit Jennifer Hebel 217-785-7571 jennifer@ilga.gov
Lt. Governor, Office of the        
Management and Budget Sophia Ronis 312 814-0023 Sophia.ronis@illinois.gov
Math and Science Academy Steve Zant 630-907-5909 Zant@imsa.edu
Military Affairs Janice Estes 217-761-3786 janice.m.estes2.nfg@mail.mil
Natural Resources Michelle Silver 217-785-8610 Michelle.silver@illinois.gov
Pollution Control Board Lynn Hedges 312-814-3832 Lynn.hedges@illinois.gov
Prisoner Review Board Valorie Ford 217-782-7273 Valorie.ford@illinois.gov
Procurement Policy Board Deanna Rosetto 217 785-3988 Deanna.rossetto@illinois.gov
Property Tax Appeal Board Shawn Murphy 217-785-4440 Shawn.murphy@illinois.gov
Public Health       Contacted Chief of Staff erik.rayman@illinois.gov
Racing Board Cherron Vaughn 312-814-2600 Cherron.Vaughn@Illinois.gov
Revenue Erin Driskill   rein.driskill@illinois.gov
  Joanie Wheatman   Joanie.wheatman@illinois.gov
Secretary of State Mackenzie Fleetwood 217-782-1750 mfleetwood@ilsos.net
State Fire Marshal Kensie Proctor 217-782-0395 Kensie.proctor@illinois.gov
State Police Merit Board        
State Police, Illinois
Rebecca Hooks 815-535-8026 Rebecca_Hooks@isp.state.il.us
State Retirement Systems Jennifer Staley 217-785-6955 Jennifer.staley@srs.illinois.gov
State Treasurer, Office of the Stacy Bangert 217-785-0400 Sbangert@treasurer.state.il.us
State Universities Civil Service System Gail Hankins 217-278-3150 x 240 GailHankins@sucss.illinois.gov
State Universities Retirement System Brenda Dunn 217-378-8849 Bdunn@surs.org
Student Assistance Commission, Illinois Vicki Baba 847-831-8500 x 3512 Vicki.baba@isac.illinois.gov
Teachers' Retirement System Judy Cervellone 217-753-0319, x. 2402 Jcervellone@trs.illinois.gov
Toll Highway Authority Angela Carey 630-241-6800, x. 2332 acarey@getipass.com
Transportation Kristin Williams 7-1123 kristin.williams@illinois.gov
Veterans' Affairs Anita Wiley 217-524-6204 Anita.wiley@illinois.gov
Workers' Compensation Commission Alma Maxey 312 814-6632 Alma.maxey@illinois.gov
Illinois School for the Deaf Angela Leavell 217-479-4224 angela.Leavell@illinois.gov
  Debra Hoots 217-479-4200 debra.Hoots@illinois.gov
University of Illinois Champaign/Urbana Melinda Garrelts 217-244-7384 melindaa@illinois.edu
University of Illinois - Chicago Rebecca Fortier 312-413-2960 Rfortier@uillinois.edu
University of Illinois - Springfield Erica Michael 217-206-7797 Emich1@uis.edu
University, Chicago State Carla Davis 773-995-4546 Cdavis48@csu.edu
University, Eastern Illinois Beth Gillespie 217-581-3967 Emgillespie2@eiu.edu
University, Governors State Stephanie Juarez 708-235-7467 Sjuarez@govst.edu
University, Illlinois State Shelly Braxton 309-438-0044 ambraxt@ilstu.edu
  Judi Khalilallah   jkhalil@ilstu.edu
University, Northeastern Illinois Mary Griesinger 773-442-5202 M-griesinger@neiu.edu
University, Northern Illinois Mollie Montgomery 815-753-0458 Mmontgomery@niu.edu
University, Southern Illinois - Carbondale Holly Rick 618-453-6637 Hrick@siu.edu
University, Southern Illinois - Edwardsville Stephanie Stookey 618-650-2318 stschro@siue.edu
University, Southern Illinois School of Medicine Vicky Beeler 217-545-8035 vbeeler@81@siumed.edu
University, Western Illinois Sheila Downin 309-298-1971 S-downin@wiu.edu