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Cyber Safety for Children


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Chatting with Kids about being Online

Your kids' personal information and privacy are valuable - to you, to them, and to marketers. Fortunately, there are ways you can safeguard that privacy when your kids are online.

Cyberbullying is when someone is harassed, humiliated, or threatened by another person using the Internet or a cell phone. The Illinois Attorney General's "Stop Cyberbullying" web site provides a variety of resources for kids, teenagers, parents, and educators seeking information and advice about cyberbullying:


Elementary Age Kids (ages 4-11)

For cyber security games, e-cards, music and wallpaper downloads and view cyber security videos

For Blogging tips, rules for being safe online, cyber security videos and newsfeeds

For cyber security games, screensaver/wallpaper downloads and coloring activities.


Teens (ages 12-17)

For tips on email etiquette, instant messaging, chatrooms and real life close encounters! Chatdanger: Web Wise Kids provides unique and effective resources to equip young people to safely use and enjoy the latest technologies.

For tips on blogging safely and protecting your privacy.

US Computer Emergency Readiness Team
Children Cyber Security Tips