The Illinois Terrorism Task Force developed the following materials to provide the public, local government, businesses and private sector entities with information on how to handle mail and packages of a suspicious nature:







Course Information Guide

This document provides guidance on the course objectives, target audience, course material and the media used to present the course.

For a course information guide, download:
Course Information Guide

Training Program with Audio

This Media Player program is 30 minutes in length and covers the following:
  • Introduction
    • Purpose/History
    • Vulnerability/Risks
  • Awareness
    • Package Characteristics
    • Unknown Substances
    • Explosive Devices
      • IEDs/Bomb Vests
  • Procedures/Response
    • What You Need To Do
    • Threat Checklist
    • What 1st Responders Do
  • Summary/Closing
  • To view this presentation, download:
    Suspicious and Unknown Mail/Package/Explosive Awareness Training

Mail–Package–Explosive Threat Checklist

This brochure is intended to be kept by an employee’s phone or computer to use when a threat is presented. It provides prompts for information to be noted during the notification or observation of a threat.

For a complete threat checklist, download:
Mail-Package-Explosive Threat Checklist

Sample Action Plan

This document provides an example of a plan. It is recommended that the plan be customized to your locations needs, policies and procedures.

For a sample action plan, download:
Sample Action Plan
Sample Action Plan-Poster