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Commission Members

Appointed Members

Rev. Sid Mohn


Heartland Alliance

Sandra M. Pihos

State Representative

General Assembly

Mary E. Flowers  

State Representative  General Assembly 

Michael W. Frerichs

State Senator

General Assembly

Jacqueline Collins

State Senator

General Assembly

Gayle Nelson 

Development Consultant and Leadership Coach

Maria Whelan

President Illinois Action for Children

Robyn Gabel

Executive Director IL Maternal and Child Health Coalition

Eithne McMenamin

Senior Policy Analyst Chicago Coalition for the Homeless

Wendy Pollack

Director, Women's Law & Policy Project

Sargent Shriver National Center on Poverty Law

Dan Schwick

Assistant to the President

Lutheran Social Services of Illinois

Michael B. Golden


Illinois Education Foundation

Catherine Holland

Executive Director

Stone-Hayes Center for Independent Living

Jim Hires

Executive Director

Eastern Illinois Foodbank

Andy Kulczycki

Executive Director Community Service Center of Northern Champaign County

Al Riddley

Executive Director

Illinois Coalition for Community Services

Ex Officio Members

Michelle Saddler 


Department of Human Services

Tracey Williams

Policy Advisor

Department of Corrections

Mike Jones

Special Assistant Healthcare Policy

Department of Healthcare & Family Services

John Egan

Department of Children & Family Services

Hector Villagrana

Legislative & Intergovernmental Affairs

Department of Human Rights

Antonio Baxton

Assistant Deputy Director 

Department of Commerce & Econ Opportunity

LaTonya Lumpkin

Senior Advisor

Department of Aging

Erik Rayman

Chief of Staff

Department of Public Health

Vinni Hall


Illinois State Board of Education 

Sheila Chalmers

Senior Policy Advisor

Lt. Governor's Office 

Diane Williams

President/CEO Safer Foundation

Michael Holmes

Executive Director

African American Family Commission

Layla Suleiman

Executive Director

Latino Family Commission