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Grant Review Initiative Team (GRIT)

In December 2012, the OEIG announced the creation of a Grant Review Initiative Team (GRIT). Please click here to read the OEIG GRIT Press Release. The OEIG created GRIT for the purpose of assembling trained staff dedicated to rooting out and investigating waste, fraud, or misuse of grants administered by state agencies.

"Our experience has shown that millions of taxpayer dollars are spent on state grants without enough accountability and oversight. Although much of state grant money may be properly used for worthwhile causes, we must ensure that state funds are used for the purposes for which they were intended, particularly in light of our state's fiscal crisis."

- Maggie Hickey, Executive Inspector General

GRIT consists investigators from the OEIG's Springfield and Chicago staff. GRIT members include: Supervising Investigator Edward Escamilla and Investigators Tiffany Pryor-Wallace and Pat Foley. To read the biographies of the GRIT's team members click the above About the Office drop-down menu and select GRIT Biographies.

Publicly Released Summary Reports of OEIG Investigation Relating to State Grants

Additional GRIT Related Information:

On May 14, 2013, the OEIG submitted written testimony to the Illinois Senate State Government and Veterans Affairs Committee in support of House Bill 2, which creates the Single Audit Commission to recommend uniform state grant standards. Please click the following link to view the testimony and other related information: