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Ethics Training Administrators

Agency Name Phone
Arts Council Romie Munoz 312.814.8250
Capital Development Board Heather Bova 217.782.8729
Central Management Services Robert Osgood 217.782.0975
Civil Service Commission Andrew Barris 217.782.7373
Community and Residential Services Authority Lynn Lowder 217.782.2438
Comprehensive Health Insurance Plan Kurt Wellbaum 217.725.7375
Council on Developmental Disabilities Janinna Hendricks 217.782.9696
Criminal Justice Information Authority Yolanda Mosley 312.793.0558
Deaf and Hard of Hearing Commission Tonia Bogener 217.557.4495
Department of Agriculture Craig Sondgeroth 217-558-0014
Department of Children and Family Services Carol Melton 312.814.2401
Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity Gerald Lakomiak 312.814.3130
Department of Corrections Sandra Meyers 217.558.2200 x6680
Department of Employment Security Shelly Tweedy 217.558.8913
Department of Financial and Professional Regulation Vivian Toliver 312.814.1764
Department of Human Rights Vincent Stokes 312.814.6286
Department of Human Services Edima Essien 217.524.6375
Department of Innovation and Technology ​Michael Delcomyn ​217.524.6372​
Department of Insurance Gregory Coady 217.558.2748
Department of Juvenile Justice Deloris Smith 312.814.4403
Department of Labor Benno Weisberg 312.793.1966
Department of Lottery Sandra Hodges 312.793.3037
Department of Military Affairs Anthony Boster 217.761.3745
Department of Natural Resources Ronda Brown 217.785.0616
Department of Public Health Marcia Hollins 312.814.4873
Department of Revenue Joshua Blakeman 217.524.0525
Department of Transportation Valerie Carter 217.524.8840
Department of Veterans' Affairs Elisabeth Pennix 312.814.5391
Department on Aging Karen Kloppe 217.785.3346
East St. Louis Financial Advisory Authority Jennifer Wilson 618.583.2070
Educational Labor Relations Board Victor Blackwell 312.793.3238
Emergency Management Agency Louise Conway 217.785.9876
Environmental Protection Agency Jill Johnson 217.785.2911
Executive Ethics Commission Rebecca Shuster 217.494.1351
Governor's Office of Health Innovation and Transformation Colleen Burns 312.793.0060
Guardianship and Advocacy Commission Bobbie Fox 312.793.5900
Healthcare and Family Services John Cernich 217.524.8944
Historic Preservation Agency Lori Tinsley 217.785.7948
Human Rights Commission Donyelle Gray 312.814.5190
Illinois Board of Examiners Russell Friedewald 815.753.8900
Illinois Board of Higher Education Karen Helland 217.557.7358
Illinois Charter School Commission Shenita Johnson 312.814.1258
Illinois Commerce Commission Alice Johnson 312.814.5626
Illinois Community College Board Ellen Andres 217.785.0085
Illinois Finance Authority Mari Money 312.651.1319
Illinois Gaming Board Richard Harlovic 312-814-4615
Illinois Health Facilities and Services Review Board Jeannie Mitchell 312.814.2678
Illinois Housing Development Authority Shannon Lindsey 312.836.5306
Illinois Humanities Council Elise Mackevich Salchli 312.422.5582
Illinois Independent Tax Tribunal James Conway 312.814.4285
Illinois Labor Relations Board Helen J. Kim 312.793.6488
Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy Lawrence Bergie 630.907.5974
Illinois Medical District Commission Judith Salgado 312.738.5828
Illinois Pollution Control Board Marie Tipsord 312.814.4925
Illinois Power Agency Brian Granahan 312.814.4635
Illinois Procurement Policy Board Training Deannna Rossetto 217.785.3988
Illinois State Board of Education Ashley Hall 217.782.6434
Illinois Racing Board Marie Korczak 312.814.5065
Illinois State Board of Elections Heather Kimmons  217.782.4141 x2015
Illinois State Board of Investment Shannon Bond 312.793.5711
Illinois State Police Natasha Lawson​ 217.557.1269
Illinois State Police Merit Board Daniel Dykstra 217.785.2620
Illinois Torture Inquiry and Relief Commission David C. Thomas 312.814.4662
Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board Jennifer Wooldridge 217.785.5915
Office of Executive Inspector General Jacqueline Mullings 312.814.6945
Office of Management and Budget Jennifer Cavanaugh 217.782.0965
Office of the Governor Christina McClernon 312.814.5154
Office of the Lieutenant Governor Ennedy Rivera 217.558.5240
Prisoner Review Board Jason Sweat 217.782.1610
Property Tax Appeal Board Dianne Lerman 847.294.4822
State Employees Retirement System Jessica Blood 217.785.7018
State Fire Marshal Andrea Klees             217.588.0638
State Police Master Sergeant Paul Markum 217.557.0369
State Toll Highway Authority Meiyu Liu 630.241.6800 x2397
State Universities Retirement System Shannon Gordon 217.378.8892
State Universities Civil Service System Teresa Rademacher 217.278.3150 x229
Student Assistance Commission Debbi Raphael 847.831.8325
Teacher's Retirement System Beth Meneghetti 217.814.2149
Workers' Compensation Commission Annette Roti 312.814.7268