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June 2015
Trust Fund
The Public Use Trust Act (30 ILCS 160/1) authorizes certain state agencies, including the Historic Preservation Agency to establish public use trusts to receive private gifts. These funds are invested and are used to support Agency programs such as acquisition of Lincolniana, Hostick Fellowship program to encourage research in Agency collections on subjects pertaining to Lincoln and Illinois history.

In accordance with the Accountability for the Investment of Public Funds Act (30 ILCS 237), records of these investments are posted here. As of the end of June 2015, $3,029,428.21 was held in this trust, a $47,743.52 decrease from the previous month.

Assets at the end of June were held in cash/money fund - $547,733.82, (a decrease of $511.56 from the previous month), fixed income (CD’s) - $492,262.85, (a decrease of $326.55 from the previous month), and mutual funds - $1,989,431.54, (a decrease of $46,905.41 from the previous month). Note that changes from month to month will reflect investment experience, cash expenditures from the funds, and transfer of funds to acquire securities. In this monthly period, $550.00 was expended for programs in accord with bequests to the Agency and this amount is incorporated into the net changes.Details

Funds and investments were held in the following institutions during this reporting period and are managed by Benjamin F. Edwards:

Cash & Money Fund       
Deutsche Bank Ins Deposit E  Est. Yield .09%

Certificates of Deposit
Discover BK Greenwood Del CTF   Est. Yield – 1.09%
Ally BK Midvale Utah CTF DEP DTD   Est. Yield – 1.09%
GE Cap BK Inc Retail CTF DEP Program Book  Est. Yield – 1.33%
Goldman Sachs BK USA New York CTF DEP  Est. Yield - .79%

Mutual Funds                  
Amer Balanced Fund Inc., Class A Shares   Est. Yield – 1.60%
Capital World Growth & Income Fund Inc., Class A Shares Est. Yield – 1.87%
Investment Co America, Class A shares   Est. Yield – 1.57%
New Perspective Fund, Inc., Class A Shares   Est. Yield - .60%
Wash Mutual Investment Fund, Inc., Class A Shares   Est. Yield – 1.82%

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