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Information Memo: Annual X-Ray Equipment Registration / Fee Payment

General Information

Operators of radiation installations in Illinois are required to register with the Illinois Emergency Management Agency annually all operable radiation producing machines and to pay a fee for each machine possessed on January 1st.  Our records presently indicate that you possess the radiation producing equipment identified on the inventory sheet which was previously mailed to you.

Inventory Reporting, Changes and Updates​

If the inventory equipment listed is not correct or not complete, or changes and updates need to be made regarding ownership, address, phone number or contact information, you have the option to make these changes online or manually from the inventory sheet you were mailed.​

To make updates online, you must first register at  Here you will be asked to provide your facility registration number, email address, name and telephone number.  When this information is submitted you will shortly thereafter receive, via email, your password.  Passwords cannot be make available or given out over the telephone.  Upon receipt of your password you will then be able to login to your registration database to make changes and updates regarding your inventory equipment, ownership, address, phone number, contact information etc.  All submitted changes will be reviewed by IEMA staff prior to any update to the actual Radiological Health Database, which may require a few business days.

To make updates manually, simply cross out or add information on the inventory sheet you were mailed in the most appropriate area available.  List or add any additional equipment acquired, including manufacturer and model number located on the control panel, the unit’s location (room or operatory number), and the approximate acquisition date (month/year).  With regards to equipment no longer in your possession, indicate the date (month/year) and method of disposition (i.e., sold to whom, disposed of, junked, etc.).  Operable equipment, even if in storage, must remain on the inventory and is subject to the registration fee.  Designated inoperable equipment is not subject to the registration fee.  Any additions or deletions to your equipment inventory will affect the registration fee assessed.  Please assure that you calculate your inventory to the rate assessed correctly.  

Payments Options

To make payments online with a credit card (Master Card, Discover or American Express) you would have had to create an inventory account as described above.  Note there is a small additional convenience fee that will be charged to your credit card in a separate transaction.  If you have amended your x-ray equipment inventory, and the changes have been reviewed and accepted by the IEMA representative, the program will recalculate the correct registration fee and advise you of the new fee amount that is owed. 

To make payments by check or money order, return your payment with your inventory sheet in the self-addressed return IEMA envelope.  Your check payable to IEMA should also include your facility registration number. 

Questions / Contact Information 

If there are any questions specifically related to the payment of registration fees, please contact Debra Curtis at 217/524-5268 or email debra.curtis@illinois gov. For questions specifically related to the x-ray registration or equipment inventory, please contact Paul Brown at 217/785-9978 or email or Don Agnew at 217/785-9975 or email​  If anyone is unavailable via telephone, please leave a brief message on the voice mail system and your call will be returned.  Thank you for your cooperation.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​