April 1, 2004




Jurisdiction:                   CRAWFORD COUNTY


Wages:                         Head Janitor:                            $10.17/Hour

                                    Full Time Janitor:                      $  9.90/Hour*

                                    Part Time Janitor:                      $  8.68/Hour


*Full time is over 32 scheduled hours per week.


Health & Welfare:         Head Janitor:                            $290.00/Month

                                    Full Time Janitor:                      $290.00/Month

                                    Part Time Janitor:                      N/A


Pension:                        4.22% for individuals in positions scheduled 600 or more hours annually


Vacation:                      Years of Completed Service                             Weeks


1 Year                                                  1 Week

                                                2 Years                                                2 Weeks

                                                5 Years                                                3 Weeks

                                                12 Years                                              4 Weeks




These wage rates and fringe benefits are determined by the Illinois Department of Labor to be conditions prevalent in the state of Illinois and shall be the minimum requirements for janitorial workers under the Illinois Finance Procurement Code.  Retroactive reimbursement is required if less than the prevailing wage was paid at any time.