April 1, 2007




Jurisdiction:                   MCLEAN COUNTY


Wages:                                     Start                        3 Months                        6 Months


                        Cook                        $ 9.85/Hr                        $10.10/Hr                        $10.35/Hour

                        Head Cashier                        $ 9.35/Hr                        $ 9.60/Hr                        $  9.85/Hour

                        Gen Worker/Cashier                        $ 8.95/Hr                        $ 9.20.Hr                        $  9.45/Hour

                        Store Room Attendant                        $ 9.35/Hr                        $ 9.60.Hr                        $  9.85/Hour



Health & Welfare: Effective 4/1/07 $329.00 per month


            For employees hired before 4/1/02, employee must have worked or been paid at least 80 hours during the previous month.

For employees hired on or after 4/1/02, employee must have worked or been paid 100 hours during the previous month.

All new and reinstated employees shall have contributions beginning the first day of the month following 90 days of employment.


Pension:                        NA


Vacation: Employees who have been employed for a continuous period of one (1) year or more shall receive the following:


                        One (1) year of service 1 week

                        Two (2) complete years of service 2 weeks

                        Eight (8) complete years 3 weeks

                        Fifteen (15) complete years 4 weeks


Vacation pay will equal current rate of pay at time of vacation times average hours worked for the six (6) months previous to time of vacation.


Food Service

April 1, 2007

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These wage rates and fringe benefits are determined by the Illinois Department of Labor to be conditions prevalent in the state of Illinois and shall be the minimum requirements for food service workers under the Illinois Finance Procurement Code.  Retroactive reimbursement is required if less than the prevailing wage was paid at any time.