January 1, 2005






Jurisdiction:            Cook County


                                                                        10/1/04                        10/1/05

Wages:             Cook                                       $13.08/Hour                $13.23/Hour

                        Food Service Worker                        $10.27/Hour                $10.42/Hour

                        Food Service Worker

                          less than 20 hours/week            $  7.79/Hour                    $  7.94/Hour


                        Cook and Food Service Worker:

                        Starting rate                              $1.50 less than above rates

                        After 3 months service            $1.30 less than above rates

                        After 6 months service            $1.00 less than above rates

                        After 9 months service            $  .60 less than above rates

                        After 12 months service  $  .40 less than above rates

                        After 15 months service  $  .20 less than above rates

                        After 18 months service  Full rates above


Shift Premiums of $0.25 per hour for those whose regular shift includes four hours or more between 4:00 p.m. and midnight.


Health and Welfare:


Coverage provided for employees working 30 or more regular scheduled hours per week.  Newly hired eligible employee’s benefits begin on the first of the month following 90 days of employment.  Employer shall pay the following per month:


                                    Employed after            Employed on or before

                                         06/01/98                                    06/01/98


Single coverage                $446.22                                    $   446.22

One dependent                $446.22                                    $   744.19

Family coverage                $446.22                                    $1,227.78



Food Service for Cook County

January 1, 2005

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Length                          Vacation Days              Monthly Accrual            Annual

Of Service             Earned Annually                in Days             Vacation


            1 year to after

            completion of 5             5                                  .041                 1 week


            6 years to after

            completion of 15                       10                                .833                 2 weeks


            16 years and over              15                             1.250               3 weeks


Newly hired employees shall receive five (5) days of vacation time with pay at the beginning of the month following that in which they complete one (1) years of continuous service.  Thereafter, vacation time with pay shall accrue as above.  Part-time employees who work 20 or more hours per week will receive vacation credit accrued on a pro rata basis.


When employment terminates for any reason, an employee shall be paid for earned unused vacation time.


These wage rates, fringe benefits and working conditions are determined by the Illinois Department of Labor to be conditions prevalent in the state of Illinois and shall be the minimum requirements for food service workers under the Illinois Finance Procurement Code.  Retroactive reimbursement is required if less than the prevailing wage was paid at any time.