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Parole Reentry Group

Ed Ortega | Deputy Chief - Parole Reentry Group

Within the Parole Division is a group fully dedicated to issues of housing and reentry. The mission of the Parole Reentry Group (PRG) is to aid in the reduction of offender recidivism and to foster public safety. The PRG develops, monitors and coordinates community resources and provides supportive services necessary to enhance an offender’s successful reentry back into the community to become crime free law-abiding members of society.

With a FY2015 budget of $5,361,000, PRG was able to place 3,181 parolees in supportive (paid) placements for short durations (on average, 30-90 days), while also provide case management and supportive services for an additional 3,088 parolees. The PRG also placed 3,492 parolees in unpaid placements. Placements are funded to house particularly challenging populations, including sex offenders (21 placements), offenders with board orders for electronic monitoring (3,009 placements), offenders with substance abuse issues needing inpatient treatment (1,825 placements), offenders needing transitional housing (2,127 placements) and offenders with mental health issues and nursing care needs (18 placements).

Beyond providing housing services and monitoring contracts for those services, the PRG refers parolees to support services and monitors 48 contracts in total, including four Day Reporting Center contracts, four Transitional Jobs Programs and other various contracts associated with IDOC’s drug treatment facilities (Sheridan and Southwestern Illinois Correctional Centers). In addition to the thousands of parolees receiving services and referrals for service upon release, PRG has taken on the responsibility for identifying case management services for all Supplemental Sentence Credit (SSC) parolees prior to release. Almost 1,000 SSC releasees have benefitted from targeted case management services.