The Interstate Compact for Juveniles is described in the Illinois statutes (45 ILCS 11/10) as a “cooperative action” among states to assist states in the “proper supervision or return of juveniles, delinquents and status offenders who are on probation or parole and who have absconded, escaped or run away from supervision and control and in so doing have endangered their own safety and the safety of others.”
In order to assist the national Compact and Commission, Illinois statutes define the creation of a “State Council” to advise and exercise oversight and advocacy concerning Illinois’ participation in Interstate Commission activities.  The members of the Illinois State Council include:

Trooper Marc Baker, Illinois State Police
Arthur D. Bishop, Commissioner, ICJ, Director, Department of Juvenile Justice
The Honorable Senator James Clayborne, Jr.
Christopher Copeland, Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice
Kamaria Gammon, Illinois Department of Children and Family Services
Margaret Groot, Administrative Office of Illinois/County Probation
Mary Harrington, Sexual Assault Family Emergencies (S.A.F.E.)
The Honorable Senator Kimberly Lightford
Karrie Reuter, Illinois Department of Human Services
The Honorable Representative Art Turner, Jr.



Contact Information:

For Parole, Non-Delinquent & Non-Ward of state cases contact:
Tomiko Frierson
T: (312) 633-3652
For Probation cases contact:
Holly Reuter
T: (217) 524-4182
F: (217) 557-5706 (use cover letter)
For Ward of State cases contact:
Brad Boucher, ICPC only / Department of Children and Family Services
T: (217) 785-2596
F: (217) 785-2459 (use cover letter)