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Number of Persons Enrolled in Cook County

Five Year Enrollment History

Number of persons enrolled as of the last day of the State Fiscal Year. State Fiscal Year runs from July 1 through June 30. Enrollment data is available 90 days after the end of the State Fiscal Year.

Children as defined as persons less than the age of 19. Adults are defined as persons older than 19 and younger than 65. Seniors are defined as persons age 65 and older.

Comprehensive Benefit enrollees are clients who are eligible for all services provided under the State's Medical Assistance Program.

Partial Benefit enrollees are clients who are not covered under the Medical Program, but are enrolled in certain programs that offer a limited service package.

Comprehensive Benefits

Comprehensive Benefit Enrollees FY2012   FY2013 FY2014  FY2015​ ​FY2016
Children 834,991  807,920  759,827  729,038 722,347
Adults with Disabilities 138,688  136,141  128,798  125,814 123,​557​
ACA NA  NA  255,063  333,155​ 327,​324
Other Adults 277,331  343,254  281,594  277,365 265,​730​
Seniors 98,871  101,212  107,482  111,189​ 117,302

Partial Benefits

Partial Benefit Enrollees  FY2012  FY2013  FY2014 FY2015​ ​FY2016
Partial 216,592  37,876  32,068  7,588 7,639​​

Total Enrollees

Total Enrollees FY2012  FY2013   FY2014 FY2015​ FY2016​
Total 1,566,473  1,426,403  1,564,832  1,584,149 1,563,899

Program Enrollment


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