Provider Notice Issued 02/13/2020

Date:    February 13, 2020
To:       Enrolled Hospitals:  Chief Executive Officers, Chief Financial Officers, and Patient Accounts Managers
Re:      Date Change for Hospitals to Receive Directed Payments from the MCOs and Verification of Bank Information
In a provider notice issued January 30, 2020, HFS announced changes required in the MCO Hospital Access Program (MCO-HAP). Today’s notice changes the date that Directed Payments will be paid to hospitals directly by the MCOs and requests information from hospitals in order to ensure a smooth transition to this new payment process.
The effective date of Directed Payments flowing directly from the MCOs has been delayed until the March MCO-HAP payments. Beginning in March, Directed Payments will be paid to hospitals that have had at least one claim paid by an MCO in the period covered by the Directed Payments, regardless of whether they are in network or not. This means that in any given month a hospital might not receive a Directed Payment from every MCO. Please note that Directed Payments are only a portion of the total hospital assessment dollars. Hospitals will continue to receive pass-through static payments.
HFS will provide the Illinois Hospital Association the Directed Payment amount by MCO and by hospital on a monthly basis. In addition, the MCOs will be tracking when and where payments were sent and will be able to provide this information to hospitals.
In order to ensure that Directed Payments to hospitals from MCOs are received timely and are easily identified, HFS is requesting that hospitals provide the following information as soon as possible:
·         The Hospital Assessment Payment Form, attached to this notice
·         A current W-9, as the MCOs will be responsible for issuing 1099 forms for these payments
These documents may be sent to Alternatively, a hospital may provide the form and the current W-9 directly to each MCO via the contacts below:
Orin McIntosh
David Vinkler
Blue Cross Blue Shield
Kim Thurmon
Aaron Galeener
Steve Berry
NextLevel Health
Mike Smigielski
Questions may be directed to
Doug Elwell

Medicaid Director




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