Provider Notice Issued 10/05/2020

Date:   October 5, 2020
To:       Transportation Providers
Re:      Publicly Owned Transportation Providers – Ground Emergency Medical Transportation (GEMT) Supplemental Payments
This notice provides further information for providers in the Ground Emergency Medical Transportation (GEMT) program regarding JetPay electronic transactions.
JetPay (NCR Payment Solutions) is the methodology established by the Treasurer’s office for making electronic payments to the state. On September 29, 2020, HFS hosted a webinar on how to register and pay using the JetPay system. Only current 2020 participating providers will be able to register in JetPay at this time. 
A recording of that webinar can be found at: 
Entities with a GEMT IGA may now register in JetPay and make the required test transaction.  They will be able to make full payment seven business days after the successful test transaction and after receiving the necessary log-in code from HFS.
The first payment due amounts for 2020 participants in the program are now loaded into JetPay. Providers’ Tax Identification Numbers are used to identify accounts. The first payments are due by October 31, 2020. JetPay and checks are the only methods of payment. The link to the JetPay website for making payments is:
The following banking information from JetPay regarding Fifth Third Bank should be shared with the local government ‘s bank:
Notice to Customers Using a Business DDA Bank Account
JetPay utilizes Fifth Third Bank to originate ACH transactions to the Federal Reserve Bank. Under the contractual agreement, items originated by JetPay through Fifth Third Bank will have an origination ID of 1810599849 or 9810599849 and the ACH routing number for Fifth Third Back is 063103915. If a business bank account is being used to submit an e-Check payment, please instruct your bank to accept an ACH debit from the origination IDs and ACH routine number above. In the event that your payment is returned for any reason, this payment and the associated transaction will be invalid.
Local Governments that want to pay by check should email HFS at the email below to get their amount due. To pay by check, send checks to:
Bureau of Fiscal Operations – GEMT
PO Box 19491
Springfield, IL 62794-9491
HFS is developing a process to send invoices to all IGA parties for future quarters. Further information will be included in future provider notices.
How the Amount Due is Calculated:
This amount is based on enhanced payments made during the first quarter of 2020 and adjustments made to claims with dates of service back to the provider’s effective date in the GEMT program.   The amount due is 50% of amounts received above prior base rates.  The amount due is based on actual amount paid, whether that equals the approved rate on the rate sheet or the charges on the claim.
Further questions on the program should be sent to
Kelly Cunningham
Interim Medicaid Administrator



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