Provider Notice Issued 10/03/2019

Date:   10/3/2019     
To:       Enrolled Optometrists, Physicians, and Optical Supply Companies
Re:      Prior Approval of Bambini Frames Available Through Illinois Correctional Industries
The purpose of this notice is to inform providers regarding a prior approval process for Bambini eyeglass frames available through Illinois Correctional Industries (ICI). This prior approval process applies to participants with fee-for-service coverage. It does not apply to participants covered under HealthChoice Illinois managed care plans.  
The 2019 Illinois Medicaid Catalog that ICI mailed to providers featured new frames available through the Dixon Optical Laboratory. The catalog included Bambini frames. These frames are available only with prior approval. Bambini frames will be considered for approval if health or behavioral conditions do not allow the use of regular frames (non-Bambini). Providers should consider all frame selections within ICI before requesting prior approval for frames through any other outside laboratories. 
Providers must submit an HFS 1443, Provider Invoice; HFS 2803, Optical Prescription Order; and HFS 1409, Prior Approval Request form with documentation of medical necessity to the attention of the optical billing consultant at the address below:
Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services
Optical Billing Consultant
P.O. Box 19115 
           Springfield, IL 62794-9115
Questions regarding this notice should be directed to an optical billing consultant at
877-782-5565, options 1, 2, 4, and 5.
Doug Elwell
Medicaid Director



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