Provider Notice Issued 09/06/2019

​Date: September 6, 2019

To:    Enrolled Hospitalls

Re:   ABE Partner Portal Report of Birth is Live!


This is a notice to HFS Hospital Providers that the Report of Birth functionality in the Application for Benefits Eligibility (ABE) Partner Portal is now live.  This new functionality allows hospital staff to report the birth of a newborn when the Mother is a Medicaid recipient.
When hospital staff submit an electronic report of the newborns birth through the ABE Partner Portal, the Integrated Eligibility System (IES) will attempt to automatically add the newborn to the mother’s case. If the newborn cannot be added automatically, a task will be created for a worker to process the Report of Birth. This will expedite the eligibility processing for newborns and allow for greater continuity of care.                              
All hospital staff, including contract staff, who are responsible for assisting with patient insurance issues should review the Report of Birth Training prior to creating an account on the ABE site to avoid account creation errors. This will also ensure that staff are completing required paperwork and properly using the functionality. An Account must be created at before you can use this new functionality.  Refer to the Report of Birth Training Webinar or the Job Aid, “Creating an ABE Partner Portal Account” for directions on setting up your Account. Accurate entry of the newborn and mother’s information is key to the automation of the addition.  Each hospital location is required to identify one Agency Security Administrator to support the state with administrative and security responsibilities. 
Any questions or problems encountered when creating an ABE Partner Portal account or using the new functionality can be sent to .
*** Important! ***
When using this new functionality, do not resubmit a Report of Birth if you realize there were errors in your first submission. This can cause duplicate RIN creation and record keeping and billing errors.  Instead, send the correct information to: including Mothers Name, DOB and RIN, correct information for the newborn, and a contact name in case there are questions.
Report of Birth Frequently Asked Questions
Case/Coverage Questions
If a baby transfers to another hospital without being reported/added to Moms case, can the new hospital complete and submit the Report of Birth?
If a Report of Birth has not been submitted, the non-birth hospital can complete and submit the Report of Birth.
What is the age cutoff for using the Report of Birth? For example, if we see an eligible 6-month-old at our hospital without coverage, can we complete the Report of Birth?
A Report of Birth can be submitted by a hospital provider for a baby up to 13 months of age, counting by whole months. For example, if a baby is born in July, they can be reported using this functionality until the end of the following July.
How will I know whether the baby has been successfully added to the case?
Currently, in Phase I of Report of Birth, there is no way to determine if the baby was successfully added to the case. You can check MMIS in 48 (business) hours to see if a RIN has been generated. If the auto-certification was not successful, the Report of Birth is sent to a worker queue for eligibility review and processing. The family will need to follow up with the FCRC.
Can the Newborn be added to an MPE case?
A newborn cannot be added to an MPE case. Mom must have an active regular Medicaid or Moms & Babies case for the Report of Birth function to certify the addition of the baby to Mom’s case. If Mom does not have active Medicaid the staff person should complete a new Application for Mom and baby, or baby alone if the Mom is not eligible.
How quickly will the state add newborns to moms' case?
If the baby is matched to Mother’s case successfully, the case addition and RIN generation will be immediate. However, it will take 48 (business) hours for the RIN and coverage to migrate to MMIS.
Will we be able to view the RIN in the ABE Portal?
Currently you cannot view the RIN in the ABE Portal, however In Phase 2 of Report of Birth function (expected Fall 2019) if a newborn is successfully certified the RIN will be returned to the Hospital user immediately.
Would we follow the same procedure if DCFS is taking custody of the baby?
The DCFS group cannot use the Report of Birth functionality. Continue processing these newborns as you always have.
Will this work if the mother has QMB/Dual Medicaid?
The Report of Birth function can be used for QMB/Dual Medicaid recipients.
Can we use this function for newborns whose Mother has IDOC Medicaid/are incarcerated?
Babies born to DOC/Incarcerated Moms cannot use the Report of Birth functionality. Continue processing these newborns as you always have.
Is the process the same if mother has an MCO such as Meridian, Illinicare, etc.?
What if Mom is a teen and on her Mother’s Medicaid case and not Mom’s and Babies, can we use Report of Birth to add her newborn?
Currently the system allows you to use Report of Birth for the baby of a teen, however the baby would be added to the Grandmother’s case. This does not align with current policy, so you should not use Report of Birth for a teen Mom. This capability will be disabled shortly.
Is the Newborn added to existing SNAP and TANF cases?
The newborn is added to any active benefits/EDGs on Mom’s case. If Mom is getting TANF and Medicaid at the time of the birth, the baby will be added. If Mom will newly qualify for SNAP or TANF, she must complete an application through the FCRC or apply for the benefit through the Manage My Case (MMC)function in the ABE.
What new functionality will be added in Phase II of Report of Birth?
In Phase II of Report of Birth, expected to Go-Live in Fall 2019, the following additional functionality will be added:
·       If a Report of Birth is successfully certified, a RIN number will be returned to the hospital system user immediately.
·       The hospital user will be able to view the status of a submission (Submitted, In Progress, Completed or Invalid)
·       The hospital user will be able to search to see if a Report of Birth has already been submitted for a newborn by their hospital staff.
·       The ASA will be able to view all submissions by users from their hospital.
·       The case RPY will be able to use the Report of Birth function in Manage My Case (MMC) to have the baby auto-certified for any benefit the Mother is receiving at the time of birth. A RIN will be generated immediately if the case is certified. Remember, Mom must have an active medical case for this functionality to work. ALWAYS check MEDI first!
·       Because this functionality allows workers to see Private Health Information (PHI) and Personally Identifiable Information (PII), we will require the completion of Data Sharing Agreements with Hospital Partners for Phase II
Partner Portal Usage Questions
Can a Partner Portal user for a non-hospital provider use the Report of Birth function?
The Report of Birth function in IES is tied to the Hospital Provider ID only – other Provider Types cannot use Report of Birth.
If a Partner Portal user has an existing account (AKAA, MPE, Community Worker) can they add their hospital’s provider ID to their existing account or must they set up a new hospital account?
If you have an existing MPE account, you cannot add a Hospital Provider ID and functionality to that account. To use Hospital functions in ABE (currently only Report of Birth) you will have to set up a new, separate account with your Hospital Provider ID. For new ABE Portal users, if you are a hospital completing MPE Applications you will need to create two separate MPE and Hospital accounts.
Can the same person be the Primary Agency Security Administrator for multiple Hospitals?
If each Hospital Provider approves you, you can be Primary ASA for multiple hospitals.
Can I submit a single 1706P for multiple hospitals or do I need to submit one for each hospital?
Please submit one form per hospital.
How can I tell if my Hospital has already assigned a Primary ASA?
Check with your hospital administration/billing office or send the question to
How can I get assistance if I run into problems creating an account or when I am using the Partner Portal?
All problems and questions can be sent to:
Where can I find the 1706P?
The 1706P Form can be found on the HFS Medical Forms page under Providers, labeled Application for Benefits Eligibility (ABE) (pdf)
Can we still send the 2636 to newborn unit?
Staff can still fax the 2636 to the NBU but adding the newborn to the case and RIN generation will be delayed.
If a hospital has a vendor doing Applications, will they be able to complete these Birth Reports as well? 
Hospital vendors/sub-contractors may use the Report of Birth function with the hospital’s permission, using each Hospital’s Provider ID and not the vendor’s Medicaid provider number. The worker will create one account with multiple Provider ID numbers listed, one for each hospital. When the Vendor logs in to ABE they will choose the location where they are working that day, so the child is tied to the hospital in which they are born.
Will other types of facilities/Partner Portal users be able to use the Report of Birth function in the future?
At this point in time there are no plans to expand usage of the Report of Birth functionality to MPEs or AKAAs



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