Provider Notice Issued 08/09/2019

Date:    August 9, 2019
To:       Transportation Providers
Re:      Publicly Owned Transportation Providers – Supplemental Payments
The information in this notice applies to all publicly owned providers that deliver ambulance services in the Medical Assistance program. The Department is proposing a payment methodology that would allow public providers to receive supplemental payments above the fee schedule rates they currently receive if their cost to provide the services exceeds the reimbursement the providers currently receive based on the HFS fee schedule.
A public notice was posted on June 28, 2019, notifying providers of this proposed change in reimbursement. In order to obtain any supplemental payments this fiscal year, the public entity should complete the cost report forms and instructions which are available on the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services’ Cost Report webpage. The cost report must be submitted electronically to by September 1, 2019.
Further details of the payment methodology and additional requirements for the payments will be provided at a later date.
Doug Elwell
Medicaid Director



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